New Xbox Deals with Gold includes the Dragon Age series, GTAV and more!

Major Nelson just revealed a new round of Deals With Gold, detailing more steep discounts for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

The deals outlined below will be available from now through to October 19th, so you have plenty of time to make a decision!

The vast majority of the deals pertain to EA's Dragon Age series. Dragon Age takes place in a dark, medieval fantasy setting, and each game revolves around gathering allies to vanquish an ancient evil. Both Bioware's signature branching narrative and RPG gameplay take centre stage in a franchise originally dubbed as the successor to Baldur's Gate. While Dragon Age 2 didn't enjoy the acclaim of Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age Inquisition, it's heavily discounted DLC transformed it an awesome entry in the franchise in my opinion.

Considering EA's vocal support of Xbox One's backwards compatibility, picking up Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 could be a worthwhile investment even if you've sold off your Xbox 360. If you enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition and wanted to try out the earlier games, now's your chance!

Grand Theft Auto is also a major feature in the line-up. Picking up GTAV for Xbox One via this week's Deals with Gold is possibly the cheapest way to buy up the game right now outside of Ebay. So if you've been holding out for a price drop (like me), this is possibly the best offer we've had so far.

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Please note that pricing and availability will vary by region, so your best bet is to log in to your Microsoft account to see prices in your local region.

Are you going to pick up anything from this week's Deals with Gold? Let us know below!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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