New Xbox One update rolling out to public, adds Scheduled Themes, Do Not Disturb, and more

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a range of new features on their way to Xbox One consoles for those in the Xbox Insider Program. Known under its "1802" version number, the update was set to deliver improvements to the console, building upon last year's "Xbox fall update." Now, after a month of testing, Microsoft has released (opens in new tab) these features to the public.

Xbox One 1802 update: The complete changelog

Among the highlights of the update is a new "Scheduled Themes" feature, which allows the console to automatically shift between "light" and "dark" themes at set times. The dark theme is generally easier on the eyes and the light theme offers improved visibility, meaning this secures the benefits of both themes around the day and night cycles.

A new "Do Not Disturb" feature has also been added to the console, blocking incoming notifications for social activities. When enabled, friends will also be notified on Xbox Live, helping cut out the clutter of social features.

"Next Achievements" also promises to deliver some welcome improvements for achievement hunters, with dedicated tracking for upcoming unlocks and tools to filter by completion, rarity, and value.

Today's update is now rolling out worldwide, following its release at 11 p.m. ET on February 7, 2018. For those who use the Xbox One's "Instant On" mode, the update will begin automatically downloading to your console. If you choose to manually install the build, navigate to "All Settings > System > Console Info & Updates" and check for an update. For a complete list of today's changes, make sure to check our complete changelog for the 1802 update.

Matt Brown

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  • Any chance we can get that nice mountain background? :)
  • No Scheduled Themes for me it seems, I do have the DND status though :-(
  • Did you follow the steps listed in our guide? Listed among the available features, so that's interesting..
  • I did and it isn't listed, all I have are Light and Dark. I wonder if it's only available on the One S and One X as mine is an original Xbox One.
  • Same problem here as well. I have XB1X.. The only options are light and dark. I was looking forward to this feature the most.
  • I'm not seeing it either. I'm on XBX
  • ^same "issue" missing scheduled themes on X1X.
  • Scheduled themes only for Insiders (for now) . They need to update this article!
  • Proof, seeing as others who aren't in the beta are missing this feature as well as download management in the guide. Also why would these features only be available to beta testers in a released update?
  • The new home screen animations are really nice. They've also adjusted the light motion animation around selected icons. It follows your analog stick now. Nice little touch.