Xbox One 1802 update: The complete changelog

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown / Windows Central)

Microsoft has released the next big update for Xbox One consoles, delivering a range of improvements upon the last year's major feature update. While the update doesn't debut any major enhancements, some welcome changes have still made an arrival.

While an official name isn't paired with this update, it goes by the version number "1802." Early builds on the next branch, "Redstone 4," are expected to roll out sometime in the coming months with a larger batch of features. We've wrapped up everything changing with the update and what to expect when it hits your console.

Do Not Disturb status

Xbox Live packs some impressive social features, serving as the binding network for Microsoft's gaming platforms. Communication, matchmaking and content features are engrained into the console but can distract you from the Xbox One's main attraction: games.

"Do Not Disturb" allows gamers to cut out Xbox Live's clutter, by blocking incoming notifications for social activities. System-level notifications, such as Achievement unlocks are still visible, meaning you won't miss the activity important to you.

How to enable Do Not Disturb status on Xbox One

Next Achievements

Achievement hunters are in for a treat, with a new feature that helps pinpoint easy achievements on the horizon. "Next Achievements" gathers achievements into an individual feed, allowing you to sort upcoming unlocks based on various factors. Using the filtering tools, achievements can be categorized by completion, rarity, highest value and more.

Next Achievements can be found in the "Achievements" tab of the Guide menu, as a pop-out window. This also means the feature can be quickly accessed without leaving the game, alongside existing Achievement tracking features.

Xbox One Achievement tips to maximize your Gamerscore

Mini Game Hubs

Game Hubs serve as a single location for Xbox One games, condensing announcements, social posts, and other content into a single source. While in the previous version of the OS Game Hubs were isolated sections to visit, "Mini Game Hubs" deliver highlights directly to the Guide menu.

Mini Game Hubs may lack the depth and functionality of full Game Hubs, though they serve top posts in a more digestible manner. This allows you to catch up on Game Hub activity, without leaving your current gaming session.

More features

Outside of the biggest changes with this update, smaller tweaks have been implemented across the OS, including:

  • A new Game Pass tab has been added to My Games & apps, which compiles all current titles into a single location.
  • A new download progress tile can be seen on the Xbox Guide menu, allowing users to view install percentages and manage their download queue.
  • A new Xbox Game Pass Discovery tile has been added to the bottom of the Guide menu, hooking directly into Microsoft's Netflix-style subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. Providing a way to explore the full spectrum of Xbox Game Pass titles, the Discovery tile opens the list for a random title from the library when selected.
  • This update brings the ability to finely tune the console's automatic shut down timer, allowing for two-, three-, four- and five-hour periods, alongside the existing one- and six-hour options.
  • Comment sorting has been reworked to place most recent comments at the top.
  • The most recent comment on a post is visible directly from the Activity Feed, encouraging more users to jump into the conversation.
  • Comment likes are viewable to see which users have interacted with a specific comment.

Your thoughts

What new features would you like to see on Xbox One? What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments.

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • "A new Xbox Game Pass Discovery tileis being added to the bottom of the Guide menu" Yay, more ads! We can never have enough of those...
  • Snap back or pip
  • This... WTF ever happened to this feature that was supposed to come?
  • I would like to have something similar to platinum trophies for 100%ing a (main) game.
  • Why don't they have game news in the game hubs anymore? I like to know about new DLC, Change Logs, events. Game hubs just showing achievements or just starting the game seem a bit redundant now that functionality is in the guide. Ugh, don't these guys even play games :)
  • I have this update and the only thing I somewhat like is the theme schedule. I never use the game hubs so a mini hub shouldn't have been a priority. I want snap back and motion gestures. Remember when you could shrink your game by "grabbing" the screen with the kinect? I want avatars to finally come back. Maybe we'll get some cool games to use them in like the 360 had. How about a revamped upload studio or just a better editor in general? They keep adding all these features, some that are unnecessary. It's starting to feel like facebook messenger with all the nonsense that doesn't need to be there.
  • I'm not sure who they are catering to with the mini hub, everyone i talk to doesn't use any of the game hub stuff.
  • yup. The only thing I want in the Game Hub is a changelog for updates. Or sale notifications. 
  • HDMI CEC still missing. And should be so damn useful.
  • Must be on PC too
  • Do you really need to control everything from one remote?  If it helps just get the multimedia remote for the Xbox One or X . It's a great little unit and saves you bothering to use a controller just to move around the dashboard or watch netflix etc. It also only lights up when you pick it up to save on battery power.      
  • I wonder why they removed volume control etc from the Xbox App when you are connected to the console.
  • Bring back Avatars to the forefront of the dashboard. Since avatars are still alive in the system, why not bring it forward so it can be viewed and appreciated.
  • That's likely being saved for the revised Avatars, which will be arriving relatively soon. After all the effort invested so far, Microsoft will want to push them.
  • All i want added in is the avator update that was promised at e3 for last fall.
  • I don't like that "Next Achievement" shows Achievements for DLC you haven't purchased / downloaded. Currently testing a version of this update from beta ring.
  • Need to fix slow performance. It is better than before but still slow and sometimes too slow.
  • You missed connected home which is now in beta
  • thats awesome news! it would be more awesome if you could control connected home with your voice, but that would require an open living room microphone to replace Kinect to really be useful.
  • Hardly found the commenting section among all these ads. Anyway... How about fixing basic functionality before adding more redundant, useless features? In my case I'm looking forward to being able to adjust size and position of the subtitles in the Blu Ray player. Right now the font is like 30cm tall and right over the video which makes the console useless as a Blu Ray player... And bugs like not being able to bring up the Xbox menu in-game.
  • Option to turn the Xbox logo light off, or dim it if it's possible. Watching movies and having that stare my in the face sucks!
  • Use the Accessories app. Dunno about standard controllers but in the elite controller you can dim it.
  • where the hell is keyboard & mouse's only been 5yrs am i wrong here or should we wait till xbox 2...2x or = mcsq wtf
  • Oh I didn't mean on the controller, I meant on the actual console next to my TV.
  • Good to know, thanks. The console is annoying, but so is the controller. Who thought going from a small green light to a bright, big white one was a great idea?
  • I love my One X but my Pro is so much easier to maneuver around. l like the fact that Microsoft is trying to make improvements but they still haven't streamlined Os enough to make it easier to use.
  • <p>where the **** is keyb/mouse support</p>
  • is nier automata out for it? ive got ffxv for it so i was kinda hoping maybe twice lucky lol anyway love what they did to it just maybe some more square titles please<3 *ps yes i like nomura senpais work
  • Absolutely none of this is interesting to me.
  • The question is whether the interface is actually responsive or not. I am borrowing a friend's Ps4 to play through a few of the exclusives and the interface is so much smoother. I still prefer the Xbox One, but all those ads and the general latency makes me sad. Is that improved at all with the One X... At least the slowness?
  • In my opinion, a cold boot is much faster on X. I also think general navigation is faster but not to the extent of a cold boot.
  • Anyone had an issue with Scheduled Themes not showing in settings?
  • Same here no option for schedule And neither the new download management showing in the guide and I've no game pass games tab in my games and apps.... But do not disturbed is there wtf. I do have the 1802 update
  • OH wow...scheduled about a useful option like Scheduled downloads/updates? My ISP offers unlimited bandwidth on their standard plans between 2am and 8am every day. I could save $10 a month.
  • I just updated, no scheduled theme option just light and dark, while all other features there. Any idea.
  • Same here no option for schedule And neither the new download management showing in the guide and I've no game pass games tab in my games and apps.... But do not disturbed is there wtf. I do have the 1802 update.
  • Still can't mute the damn system sounds.  
  • Everyone please vote on this User Voice thread that was started in 2014
  • - New Upload Studio  ( old one needs to be Overhauled or removed ) - Voice recording in Game clips alone or with your friends great and wanted feature - Dynamic Themes like back in the Xbox360 days though were so awesome sad to see #TeamXbox not bother with this 
    - Achievement Automatic Screenshot taken when it gets unlocked or on Game clip 
    - Sharing Achievements to all our Social sites 
    - Profile section needs to revamped it looks bare ( how about adding Completed games and other cool stats directly on our profile page )
    - Youtube streaming 
    - PIP  screw snap  I want Picture in Picture  
    other cool stuff you can track via a Overlay like maybe a certain game or app like Twitter 
    There are thousands of cool features that TeamXbox can deliver especially now with XboxOneX  most of them will be easier to do so