New Xbox Play Anywhere titles 'Samsara' and 'Little Triangle' hit the Microsoft Store

If you're on the lookout for new Xbox Play Anywhere games to dive into, two more are now available on the Microsoft Store. Samsara and Little Triangle are both indie titles that can be played across Xbox One and Windows 10 once purchased.

Samsara is a puzzle game where players are tasked with helping a kid named Zee escape a series of confusing realms after following a squirrel through a portal to "a world of echoes inhabited by a shadow child." That eerie concept provides the backbone to the game's 77 levels and six realms, each of which presents puzzle challenges in which you'll have to rotate and drop blocks to "utilize their reflections." Adding to the atmosphere is Samsara's aesthetic, which resembles that of a children's book. Samsara is available now on the Microsoft Store for $14.99.

Little Triangle

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Little Triangle, which is a platformer party game in which you take down bosses and friends as the game's titular little triangles. A bunch of bosses are on offer alongside Little Triangle's platformer mode, which you can tackle either solo or with up to four friends. The game is also hopping on the latest gaming craze with its own take on a battle royale mode, in which you try to eliminate your friends in ridiculous ways while taking advantage of each map's unique mechanics. Along the way, you can customize your triangle with more than 60 skins. Little Triangle is available now on the Microsoft Store for $14.99.

Like all Xbox Play Anywhere games, Samsara and Little Triangle can be played on both Windows 10 and Xbox One with one purchase. For more, you can check out each game at the Microsoft Store now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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