No Man's Sky hits Xbox One this July, alongside new multiplayer mode

Hello Games has taken to Microsoft's monthly gaming show, Inside Xbox, to share a deeper insight into the future of No Man's Sky. After announcing the game's Xbox One arrival earlier this year, we now have a clearer idea of what's to come for its newly-unveiled July 24 release.

Following No Man's Sky 2016 initial launch on PlayStation 4 and PC, two years of regular updates have expanded on the pool of available content. While Hello Games infamously faced heavy criticism for failing to meet initial expectations, the current experience is now further established with deeper mechanics.

Updated May 18, 2018: No Man's Sky publisher, 505 Games, has clarified that despite its July 24 debut in the U.S., the game's European release is set for July 27.

The Xbox One version bundles together all these updates, including the game's largest expansion yet, "No Man's Sky: Next." This update most notably debuts true multiplayer integration, offering a new way to explore its expansive, procedurally-generated universe.

No Man's Sky's upcoming multiplayer mode has been in playtesting for six months, hooking players into a shared version of its open world. While players can team together with friends on cooperative adventures, its emergent gameplay also allows for unpredictable encounters with new travelers. Most features of the existing game make their transition to multiplayer, including base building, combat, and vehicles.

Hello Games is set to share more information on No Man's Sky and the Next update in the months leading up to launch. The game is currently on track for a July 24 release on Xbox One, priced at $49.99 on Amazon. Enhancements for Microsoft's latest flagship console, Xbox One X, will also be available.

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