No, there isn't a new Microsoft Store app rolling out to Windows 10

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What you need to know

  • Recent reports claimed that a new Microsoft Store app was rolling out to Windows 10.
  • There is not a new Microsoft Store app shipping to Windows 10 at this time.
  • There is a minor update to the Microsoft Store that improves its UI for some Dev channel Insiders.

The Microsoft Store recently received an update on Windows 10, but it is not a "new Microsoft Store app" or even a major update to the Microsoft Store. Instead, it's a minor update that improves the UI of the Microsoft Store and some other aspects of the app.

When a report came out calling it a new Microsoft Store app, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc clarified the situation.

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While it isn't a new Microsoft Store app or a major update, there is a noticeable change in the app. The Microsoft Store app now looks the same when you resize it. It also has an updated progress ring for downloads.

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Aggiornamenti Lumia and LeBlanc briefly discuss the update in a Twitter thread. It appears that the update is on the Dev channel but is not available for all Dev Insiders yet. According to LeBlanc, this is standard practice for how Microsoft releases updates like this one.

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  • Encouraging that MS is putting effort into the Store app. I'll count that as a net positive. :-) Main thing: MS, please make all your apps available primarily and first through the Store, then launch a soft campaign to encourage use of the Store as the primary place to release apps for Windows and for Windows users to find all the apps they want. Teams is not even in the Store! You set the tone for other developers. If you don't put your own apps in the Store, you're communicating to devs that you don't take the Store seriously.
  • Agree 100%. If they did that and started offering Windows 10 in S mode for free it would be a powerful incentive to use the Store. And leaving the option to upgrade to a full license to install programs from outside the Store would prevent them from running afoul of antitrust regulations.
  • @Hanley Gibbons Marketing is not Microsoft's strong suite at all... Windows 10 both home and pro versions have the ability to limit install locations to the store via the settings. Given Microsoft is absolutely terrible with communicating great features and functionality not many people know about it. I do agree Microsoft should offer Windows 10S for free to OEMs. However, they also need to do a marketing campaign to educate consumers about the difference between Windows 10s and 10 home/pro. Since Microsoft is adamant on using the Windows moniker... they really should have called it Windows 10 Lite or something... 🤦‍♂️
  • Yes yes and yes. I mean, the Mouse and Keyboard Center isn't in the Store? Come on. Also, Christ, the search functionality in the Store is abysmal. There are great apps that I only stumbled across accidentally months after having searched specifically for that kind of app. Absolutely horrible.
  • 100% agree with you.
  • I love MSPoweruser - mostly for the teenage fanboyism. I like to think they are the originators of the use of 'release' as an intransitive verb ("iPhone will release next month!!!"). Hilarious that an MS employee had to make such an exasperated correction on Twitter.
  • No one will be using their store window that small. How about some actual useful changes and fixes?
  • I use it that small.
  • Yeah people do.
  • You know it's all about quality when Brandon LeBlanc posts a picture showing how the "new progress ring" is shining from what should be part of a canvas a layer below through a side menu rendered on top as if the menu was transparent.
  • No one uses the Microsoft store anyway...