Nokia announces new lightweight and portable chargers for your Windows Phones

Nokia has announced two new portable chargers for topping up the juice in our smartphones while on the move ourselves. The DT-601 is Nokia's new wireless charger, while the DC-19 is the new portable USB charger to accompany your laptop and / or Windows 8 tablet. 

Smaller, lighter and easier to carry

Nokia DT-601

The DT-601 is very much like its predecessor, the DT-900. There are notable differences and improvements, however. The new wireless charger is smaller, lighter and easier to carry. Not only that, but it's also more affordable. Here's what Jaakko Huokkola, Product Manager for Wireless Charging at Nokia, had to say on the new accessory:

"The DT-601 is small and round with identical bright colours to what we see in the Lumia family. Because it’s so small and colourful it looks very cute; a bit like a lollipop."

We can definitely comment on how the new charger looks more bouncy with the new design. Talking about the new design, the DT-601 comes in at just 65mm in diameter and is less than 9mm thick. Now that's small. As it's the main wireless charger, this jumpy little product will plug into a USB port or wall adapter. You also get a small strap to wrap up any excess cable.

Fear not about working hard to find the right spot when placing your Windows Phone on top of the charger as Nokia has you covered with the familiar LED notification light. Finally, the DT-601 is Qi compatible, meaning you can use it with any supported device. Nokia aims to start shipping in Asia-Pacific from this month, with Europe and America following in the coming months.

The DT-601 will set you back €29 and will be available in yellow, cyan, bright red, black, and white.

Zapping your phone while on the move

Nokia DC-19

The DT-601 from Nokia is all well and dandy if you have access to power and a PC, but what it you don't and still require some charge? This is where the new DC-19 comes into play. Simply add some juice to this accessory, place it in your bag or pocket and then charge your phone when it runs a little low.

The DC-19, being the successor to the DC-18, has a 3,200mAh battery and measures in at 99.5mm long, with a circumference of 25.4mm.

LED battery level indicators display the level of charge remaining and the DC-19 can remain on stand-by for more than 6 months. As an added bonus, this accessory can be used with any device that supported microUSB charging.

So when can you pick one up? Availability begins this month and will set you back by €29. The DC-19 comes in cyan, white and yellow.

Source: Nokia

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