Nokia bumps Storage Check and Transfer My Data for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has updated their Storage Check and Transfer My Data apps to fix a few bugs and add a few new features.

Transfer My Data is a handy utility app to transfer contacts over Bluetooth from your old phone to your new Nokia Windows Phone. The Nokia app was updated to version 4.1 update and with no change log, the changes aren't as obvious. We are seeing that SMS and Photos can be transferred as well as contacts from supported phones.

Storage Check gets bumped to version 1.1 and adds landscape view and the ability to manage your downloaded maps. You can still clear the temporary files to free up some storage space and view details on the apps/games install on your Windows Phone. It basically puts the features of the Beta version of Storage Check into play for the firmware version.

The Storage Check app can be accessed from you Nokia Lumia Windows Phone setting on those phones who have received the 1308 firmware update. For those who haven't received the update, you can find the Beta version of Storage Check here in the (opens in new tab) Nokia Collection. 

Transfer My Data is available here in the (opens in new tab) Nokia Collection for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

Source: Windows Phone Italy (opens in new tab); Thanks, itsnavsub, for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • I can't download it. US region live account 7.8 lumia 800. Also bluetooth share isnt avaible.
  • This is a WP8 tool..
  • No love for 7.8 devices..:(
  • Looks like you still have to use the beta version of the app to change map locations. The updated version of the non-beta app doesn't give me the map save location option on my 521, running the beta version does.
  • the feature is still in beta, so it's still under development, and maybe it would not work well, so it needs some fixes first, before it is released.
  • I compared the new update of the Storage Check app with the beta and the new version still does not allow movement of maps to SD card likethe beta version.
  • the feature is still in beta, so it's still under development, and maybe it would not work well, so it needs some fixes first, before it is released.
  • Agreed. I was simply responding to the article saying that the release has now caught up to the beta, which it still has not.
  • Still have 2.2 GB of temp files and 5.41 of Other.
  • Try deleting history of internet may help clearing ur temp data...but u will lose everything in ie...i.e passwords and stuffs
  • Yeah, did that. My numbers are after I cleared everything. Thanks.
  • I just want a storage check that will work on my 822.
  • +1
  • Same here. I downloaded it but when trying to run it says service unavailable
  • Same here -_-
  • Ditto on that. It really pisses me off we can't use the storage checker app. Limited storage space is the biggest concern/problem I have with Windows Phone.
  • +moar
  • I may have a proto 822, but this doesn't work either.
  • Me either, and its bullshit
  • Yeah, well I want one that works on the 810.
  • +810
  • I don't need landscape mode in storage check!? Wtf!? Just make my 18 gb's of other storage disappear!!
  • That's a lot! I am up to 9.46GB on my Lumia 822 with only 16GB internal memory. Thankfully I have a 64GB micro-SD. Still, I will continue to have to delete apps from my phone until Storage Check works on the 822. Everything else is on the micro-SD. Please push out the firmware update already please! I guess my only other option is to do a complete reset of my phone.
  • Storage check doesn't even help all that much... It just lets you delete some temporary files and shows you which apps have the most "app data"... Doesn't let you touch the actual other storage at all...
  • The only thing new with this is move you maps to the SDcard....Apps will not be able to install on the SD card.
  • I feel you - I have 11gb used up on my 920 (no expendable memory either) AHHHH
  • Yeah, Im with Steephill. Can we just get a version that works with the 810 or 822? Stupid carriers in this country.
  • Storage Check has yet to work on this 810 over here. Rocking 2.54 GB of the lovely 'Other' space
  • About the same here. Only 200MB free on my 810 (was 70MB before I decided to surrender finishing achievements on a couple games). Sad thing is, moving the 70MB of map data to the SD card won't help much.
  • How do I uninstall this if it does not work? Or do I need to reset my phone?-.-
  • Since it installs under "settings", there's no way to uninstall it.
  • Uninstall is not an option. Just don't use it.
  • Still no love for the 810...
  • I got so happy thinking they would let me transfer data to my SD card. :(
  • For some reason I can't find this on my 928. I saw the update but I can't find the program. Can't even find it in the app store.
  • settings?
  • My mother in law has an old Nokia flip phone.  I'm going to move her to one of our old Windows Phones.  Would "Transfer My Data" work for that?
    Edit:  Just realized, its a Samsung Focus Flash, so I probably wouldn't be able to install a Nokia app on it anyways.  Damn...
  • You need to install the transfer my data app on your win 8 device from marketplace if it is not pre installed.  Launch the app on your new win8 device, turn BT on  both your old and new phone. Most Nokia phones are supported for contacts atleast.
  • Same with my 822. And I still get random shutdowns too. Still love the phone tho.
  • The Storage Check app is still Beta?
    It works correctly on Lumia 920?
  • Update.
  • good news
  • The "other storage" issue is the most embarrassing problem that happened to WP ever! A huge, huge clusterf***! I can only imagine people who don't come to forums and watch their phones get their storage shrink, sometimes + 50% of total capacity. MS should address this fast and above any other issue.
  • So is the bug fixed now? If we save photos to our phone? You can very well reproduce this.. Save like over a GB photos to you phone.. Off course by means of USB cable.. To make it easier.. Just copy 1 folder to phone.. Later delete that folder.. Go to storage check.. It will show 1 GB + in temp memory and won't clear it.
  • Was able to download and install, but still doesn't work on the Lumia 822.. :-(
  • It's not allowing me to download in my Lumia 800.. :(
  • You don't have this problem on WP7.x, why you want this ?!
  • Actually I can't download this app in my Lumia 800 but according to the post, this app is available for both devices 7.8 & 8.
  • Same here in Sweden
  • What ??? 
    In my lumia 800 have 12 gigas in folder "others" !!!!!!!!!!
    this problem exist in WP 7.8 !!!
  • I just wonder why the 92x versions have their system is only 'consuming' 1.6 GB, while on 620 ones, it's consuming 1.9 GB... is that any differences?
  • I have a lumia 920 and the system consumes 1.9 GB....
  • After the update it no longer deletes anything on my Lumia 820. Now I'm back at 3.5 GB of wasted space :-(
  • has a problem does not clear the temp?
    I have the first version came out and it works fine in 920 worth updating?
  • I'am searching the move cards option?  Where is it?
    Thats the only way to empty my phone memory? Spotify already 4GB :-(
  • Ha! This may be obvious to some, but just in case u r not aware of it, YouTube offline playback via Supertube populates my Other storage by far the two cents ;).
  • Not available on 7.x....lame
  • What I want to know is can this app transfer MMS yet, it was worked fine for everything else, just not sure the new vesion supports this feature (as Nokia for some reason dont detail what new changes are in their updates for this app?)
    Anyone know?
  • My sis has a Lumia 620 and has been complaining about lack of storage space even though she has SD card inserted. The storage check app did show the file category taking up space in phone memory. How do I move media files to SD card? 
  • Transfer My Data is available here in the Nokia Collection for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.
    Where 7.x devices ????????
    In my lumia 800 with WP 7.8 have more than 12 GB in folder " others " !!!
    This problem exist in WP 7.8 !!
    The WPcentral should study this situation in WP 7.8 !!
  • What is up with this crap! Storage Check does NOT show up in the Windows Store on my Lumia 822?!?!?! Plus the Windows Store website says: This app is not available for your phone! WTF! Someone at Nokia and Windows is comatose or asleep or on drugs and needs to be poked with a very sharp stick!!! WAKE UP AND FIX THIS!!!  :-(