Nokia Canada promoting Lumias. New devices February 6th?

We just saw Telus begin promoting the Lumia 800 and now Nokia Canada themselves are showing that phone and Roger's Lumia 710 off on their front page. Canada: your time has come!

Regarding Rogers, they have a "In stores this February" which gives you a pretty good idea of when to expect that. For Telus, they just have "coming soon" which is a bit too vague for our likes, but we're thinking that too is just a few weeks.

In fact, we have a tip stating that in Canada, February 6th is the day for a launch party for so-called "Generation 2" devices, which includes Nokia's and who knows what else at this point. We can't verify that date ourselves, but the tipster said they confirmed it with their local Bell and Rogers stores--so take that as you will. Seeing as Nokia is listing the 710 as February, it seems to coincide nicely. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Source: (opens in new tab); Thanks, Ryan L. and Juan C., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Thats the first I've heard of Bell launching any new WPs, I wonder if they are picking up one of the new HTC devices.
  • Where did you see this? If Bell is launching new WP7.5 I am officially making WP the official corporate phone for the company I work for. I can't wait!
  • wait, really? Bell is actually doing something? now i can't dis them for not doing anything for wp :P
  • I'm yearning for the 900 or the focus s... 4.3" is where it's at for me!
  • Yea, I'm not too sold on Lumia 710 or even 800 (especially with the need to switch to Telus). And since I'm still on contract with Rogers my only choice in February will be Lumia 710.
    I guess I'll stick with my Focus for now and wait for the next generation of Nokia Windows Phones (900 and beyond). Plus, Rogers might have better conditions in half a year considering the full term is 3 years and I've had my Focus for only a year.
  • Telus will also be getting the 900. I can't give my source but it has been confirmed by someone within the company that I know. :)
  • Are they getting it before or after the AT&T exclusive is up?
  • Any news on a release date for said phone (the 900)? My contract expires in June and that's what I want to upgrade to :)
  • norseman, that is very, very interesting!
  • Norseman, any idea if Bell is picking up a Nokia phone?
  • Can't wait for more people to be aware of Windows Phone here in Canada!
  • I can't wait for what Windows Phones Bell will get.. :) Hope its a lumia 800 form factor with front camera! 900 is too big for me!
    Also hoping for new WP phones with a slide out keyboard or something! Perfect, I can upgrade my Blackberry just when exams will be over :)
  • I don't think that the att exclusive effects us in Canada. I mean why would it? They don't service us here
  • I just care about the Lumia 900 and will Rogers get it. the 710 is not for me.
  • Another Rogers customer here. Hoping for the TITAN or Lumia 900. Call me shallow, but I'd really like a front-facing camera.
  • I'm also a happy Samsung focus user (still happy, not because of Rogers, but because of the phone and WP7). I truly hope that 900 will come to Rogers, I don't know how good Telus is but I have been using Rogers for over 8 years, maybe it's time to swtich, if 900 does go to Telus. I really want the front facing camera.
    And c'mon Rogers, you couldn't even get the 800?!
  • I think the article accidently mentioned Bell and meant to say Telus and Rogers. Nokia Canada screwed up the marketing here. The flagship phones should've been released first to create buzz. That gets people into the stores. Then release the lower end models. I think Cdn WP7 consumers are currently mote in line with flagship phones than lower end priced models.