Nokia launches Lumia nail polish and goes on US makeover road trip

Nokia is marketing the recently launched magenta Lumia 900 Windows Phone by launching nail polish to match the unique smartphone colour. Designed by Duality Cosmetics, the "Nokia Lumia Pink" is an exclusive nail polish that's only available at one-day salons Nokia is hosting in Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles. Nicki Minaj nail stylist Kandi Banks will be on-hand to offer pink manicures and pedicures for those who pop on down when the salons are hosted nearby.

Much like the previous Nicki Minaj concert, as well as the London 4D light show with Deadmau5, this isn't going to boost sales of the Lumia 900, but is more to do with pushing the device and Windows Phone brand beyond those who follow tech news and know enough about mobile phones. There's a fairly sizeable world out there, which Nokia has intended to tackle. With these one-day events, instead of targeting solely women, Nokia invited everyone to come play with the Lumia handsets (as can be witnessed by the hairy faces in the Dallas Lumia Lounge photo gallery).

Unfortunately it appears that the cyan and white variants of the Windows Phone are missing out on the nail polish and boost in attention. Nokia launched the magenta Lumia 900 on AT&T for what we can only presume to be the female audience (real men wear pink anyone?), but the colour can of course be purchased by any gender. It's an attractive option for those who desire 'something different' and unique from a standard black / white smartphone, which is the norm with the likes of the iPhone.

It's good to see the manufacturer continuing to push the brand further in the US, even after the announcement was made that Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo") wont be available for current or previous generation devices. It shows the company values each and every purchase and wont simply leave current adopters in the dark. We can expect to see future updates and firmware releases to further improve the Lumia experience. We're definitely looking forward to see what Nokia, Microsoft and other OEMs have up their sleeves for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Did you manage to visit the Nokia Lumia Lounge and receive a makeover?

via: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
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  • Hmm can't say Nicki Minaj or her stylist would be my first choice for advocates of WP anything but I guess it is good exposure right :)
  • But right now, Nicki Minaj is popular and that's why they're using her.
  • i sure hope Nicki Minaj uses a WindowsPhone as well, seeing as how she is used so often :P
  • She uses a BlackBerry.
  • Hahaha... I love my Lumia, but this marketing plan seems almost desperate.
  • So now marketing is desperate?
  • To you it may seem desperate nut they are trying to get women to want these phones and the pink/magenta lumia is just the device. My wife has one and I showed her the nail polish and wants it asap. I told her I did not now where to order it. Anyways, clever narketing if you ask me. All her woman coworkers love the color of her pink lumia
  • How ignorant can you be? Nicki Minaj is a huge superstar! I personally don't like her taste in music but anybody 5-30 instantly knows who she is. This is brilliant marketing to this age group which coincidentally is also the most likely to be technologically swayed to cool tech.
  • Guys, you need to chill, I merely found it a little amusing. Calling me ignorant, fuck me, that's just rediculous.
  • I'm pretty sure they would give Nicki a custom Lumia even if she didn't want the device.
  • I would have preferred to see a tie in with the Pink Ribbon ( a positive group ) for breast cancer awareness, than anything having to do with this particular "entertainer", I do not feel she represents any thing postive for the platform. Of course she apparently has a following !!??
  • She's a pop star dummy. Of course she does. This is good exposure, no ifs ands or buts about it.
  • Well her album is named pink Friday for what it's worth. Why make a pointless comment if you don't like her? Go somewhere tipejo!
  • I'd love to see that too! Maybe they'll make one right after the put the Susan G Coleman logo on pink cotton candy everywhere! Lol (that's sarcasm btw)
  • I actually agree, that would have been a more meaningful campaign but it wouldn't target the same age group as this.  Clearly Nokia wants younger people to know about the Lumia.  They're the ones who are going to go to their parents saying they want that phone.
  • Pink may have been a better choice for a singer to promote the phone.
    Sally's Nail Salon could have done the polish gimmick.
  • Whomever is promoting the phone, it would be nice to see them in actual advertisements.
  • Market all they want with every color possible. At the end of the day, its still only available on ATT.
  • It is what it is
  • Hopefully someone will setup the phone for her - seems the person in this photo didn't get that far ;-)
  • This is the type of lack of attention to detail I find unacceptable.  Why aren't those tiles pink?  I'm noticing this more and more.  When I plug my cyan Lumia into the Mac or PC, it shows up as black. It's little, but it's inconsistant.
  • When they get their nails done do they also get that heart pendant thing in the phones headphone jack?
  • I think that woman has terrible tacky taste. I'm sorry to see Nokia has chosen her to co-market with. I would have rather seen Nokia choose a great role model, and beautiful, elegant, and with a personality that's not bitchy--someone that can really inspire other women. I agree with JD Miles that a tie in with the pink ribbon would have been a GREAT cooperation.
  • If Nokia wants to target women with pink/magenta cosmetics, they should partner up with Mary Kay.
  • I hope our friends can create a custom rom of WP8 to run on existing lumias