Nokia Lumia 1020 listed on Flipkart as coming soon to India

The Nokia Lumia 1020 started out as an exclusive on AT&T. Although it didn’t take too long before the device started appearing in other markets. First up was China, then other countries slowly gained the list. For example, a few days ago it went on sale in Germany (and it was the 64GB variant too!). Up next however, is going to be India. Details below.

Head on over to Flipkart and you’ll see the Lumia 1020 sitting there getting ready for you. The device has a “notify me” page set up for anyone interested in the device. Availability is listed as “coming soon”. Unfortunately, details are a bit scarce. There is no pricing on the page. It’s the 32GB model though, not the 64GB which is exclusive to Vodafone. You’ll have your choice of white, yellow, or black when the devices do become available.

We’ll of course let you guys and gals know when more information comes in. Any of our readers in India looking forward to the Lumia 1020? Let us know below.

Source: Flipkart

Thanks for the tip Clifford D!

Sam Sabri