Nokia Lumia 1020 64 GB now available in Czech Republic for 17,995 CZK

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is by far one of the most unique Windows Phone devices out there right now. It’s hard to claim any one device is the “best”, because you might not appreciate the outrageous camera on the Lumia 1020 and would prefer the svelte profile of the Lumia 925. Either way, it’s an amazing piece of technology that is slowly showing up in more markets all over the world. Find yourself in the Czech Republic and wanting a 64GB Lumia 1020? You’re in luck. Details below.

O2 in the Czech Republic has the 64GB variant of the Lumia 1020 in limited stock. You’ll want to act fast if you’ve been wanting to pick up the device. You can find the Lumia 1020 in 64GB if you get the white version, unfortunately it looks like other colors are capped at 32GB.

Lumia 1020 Czech Republic

How much is it going to cost to get the white Lumia 1020 with 64GB? It’s going for 17,995 CZK ($965 USD). Fairly expensive, but you can get the device on other payment plans. For example, putting 11,995 CZK down and paying 250 CZK monthly for 24 months on O2 Mobile. Act fact, our Czech Republic tipster called a few stores in the area where they confirmed limited supplies and that white would be the only way to get 64GB.

The Lumia 1020 is also showing up on other retailers in the country like and where they vary in price from 14,679 CZK to 19,000 CZK.

Grabbing a Lumia 1020 in the Czech Republic or waiting for the next wave of devices from Nokia? Sound off below!

Source: O2 CZ

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