Nokia Lumia 520 available from just just €129 in Ireland

Just as the Lumia 521 is selling away in the US, the Lumia 520 is now available in Ireland for a low price of just €129. O2 Ireland even has a deal open for just €109, but has since sold out. Either Nokia is once again having issues with producing enough units or we're seeing signs that the Lumia 520 is going to perform rather well.

If you're in Ireland and are looking for a new Windows Phone, you may want to check out the Lumia 520. Vodafone and Meteor also have the Nokia device listed.

Thanks binlid1 for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • The just just is just, dat price.
  • Just just FTW!!!
  • Just the just just?
  • Correct your post it says just just :-)
  • Since they STILL have problems with supplies of the L920 - a phone that due to its price is bound to sell less easily - I wouldn't be surprised if the 520 faced the same problem times 10.
  • Except the Lumia 520 is a much easier phone to manufacture compared to the Polycarbonate + PureView tech + HD IPS screen Lumia 920. I'd be willing to bet that while the carriers might have been conservative in their Lumia 520 orders, Nokia probably took the gamble and manufactured a large number. The L520 is a big part of their bet to reach that 7 million plus Lumia figure for Q2.
  • If they have problems keeping supplies of phones whose demand is not as great as cheaper phones, then when they need to produce MORE phones, even if they're easier, chances are that they'll run into the same problem. It's simple mathematics. The descent of difficulty in producing a phone is then balanced with the increase of units needed.
  • Seriously? There's still supply issues with the 920? It's readily available in the U.S. at least.
  • Not in Europe. Over here there are still problems with lack of equipments. 
  • The 520 is going to be a worldwide game-changer, you heard it here first ;-)
  • You heard it from me! :-P
  • Affordability is EVERYTHING no matter where you live! :)
  • That's the way, Nokia! The high end market is a constant dispute, but the low end market is the gap where the people just looks for a decent smartphone for a decent price. That's the people who buy Asha phones or crappy low androids, tell them they can buy a Nokia smartphone with an all featured OS (not like a disgusting and unsuccessful android trying to work on 512MB of RAM) for 130€ and you have the deal.
    I think that's an awesomely smart move for WP.
  • Nokia has got a phone for every season now.  520, 620, 720, 820, 920.  I'd personally like to see Verizon go with a low-end, mid-range, and the 928 on the top end while getting EOS when it hits.  I think T-Mobile is going to do very well with the 521.
    I think we are in the beginnings of a global Nokia surge with WP8.  At the beginning of the year, people were writing Nokia's epitaph and also doing the same for WP.  At the end of the year the surge in both will be a major story and we'll hear about what an ingenius move the Nokia to WP decision was for both MS and Nokia.
    I know I LOVE my Nokia 822, though I may buy a 928 when that comes.  But my experience with Nokia is beyond excellent.  I have no interest in any other phonemaker at this point.  Nokia has got me as a loyal customer.
  • Nokia got you by your balls. :-P
  • But it feels good, right? ;)
  • Ha ha ha!
  • I wonder if this new plant is producing the lumia 520s
    and I don't think that there is a shortage because the new ad duplex numbers show that the #1 phone is now the 520 and its not been out very long. which only tells me that its selling extreamly well.
    Sold out on the HSN and now at Walmart in just a few hrs. For a Windows phone 8 that runs way better than any android 3.0 or earler its a very good price. and it will also be getting the windows blue update.
    I would love to see this phone on all the little phone carriers in the US. this would be the #1 selling phone. People on MetroPCS are there because its cheep and the cheap androids that they sell are Really JUNK.. for more than 125..
  • Just one question, how does this help the WP community? Probably most of the people who getting a 520 won't spend .99 cents on an app, let's get real. Nokia need to match mid-high end cellphones with iphone and android as well.
  • No but these low end phones will attract apps like Instagram, which will follow the larger market. 
    Once the no-app reputation has gone away and the market share becomes suitabily high, developing the latest apps becomes a given rather than a hand me down.
  • Windows Phone needs more market share and quickly, and the 520 is doing that, once more people have the phoens more people will want the phone,
    Me and my wife when to dinner last night and she has a yellow 920 and the waitress said to her WOW you have that phone.  She said it looks so easy to use. and asked her if she liked it and of course she said YES I love it.
    She said she has a droid but likes the look of the windows phones. there is defenetly more and more people getting windows phone but they are getting more androids too . we just need the people in the stores to push the windows phones more..they are not helping.
  • Don't assume that, there are seriously skint people with high end phones.