Lumia 521

The Lumia 521 is T-Mobile's exclusive low-end Nokia Windows Phone. It's essentially the Lumia 520, which is available elsewhere, but sports a unique and interesting design. We've recently looked at how Walmart has limited stock of this rather elusive smartphone, but we've just been made aware of two awesome deals available online at GameStop and FRYS.

It's surely selling like hotcakes everywhere, we know the Lumia 520 is in Europe and beyond, but should you still be hunting the US-only Windows Phone, you'll be pleased to know there are two options for you. FRYS has the Lumia 521 listed for $119.99 and while the website states there are none available, we've check and found some stores reporting units ready to go. So be sure to check your local for more details.

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GameStop has the Windows Phone listed for $129.99 and it's in stock. While it's slightly more expensive than FRYS, you also receive a free month of Xbox Live, which is pretty neat. This isn't stated on the website, but we were alerted via email, so again, be sure to check with GameStop before purchasing.

Source: GameStop,; thanks everyone who tipped us!

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