Nokia Lumia 800 Australia page is live

The Nokia Lumia 800 (our review) is already available unlocked at Australia's MobiCity, but now Nokia have put up the AU Lumia 800 page on their website, which features a store finder for those who are interested in purchasing the handset. The Lumia 710 also has a page up and both devices are labeled "coming soon". The Lumia family of Windows Phones were stated to be hitting countries outside Europe this fall, and we could possibly see a push from Nokia in Australia to help combat carrier and retail store issues.

Source: Nokia AU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • The more and more I look at the Nokia N9 and the Nokia Lumia 800, the more and more I start to like Nokia again. I'm actually holding out, as long as I can, to see the next Nokia device. Never though that day would come again. *gasp*
  • Why, why WHY!!!  hasn't this phone come to the U.S.  I love my HD7 and have been holding off upgrading to the Radar cause what I really want is this phone!  The Lumia 710 is alright, but the 800 is what I really really REALLY want!!!!
  • Australians haven't seen ANY second-gen devices, so I'm sure we're feeling really sorry for you guys. After all, you're only getting a portfolio of devices specifically tailored for your market. Though if you're sticking with T-Mobile, you shouldn't get your hopes up.
  • And after Australia - Austria ! Come on, Nokia !
  • "coming soon" means 2012 Q1.
    Rumour is late JAN.  So Aussie STILL have no release dates at all for GEN2 handsets.
  • I got sick of waiting so i ordered a handset from who will be delivering my 3G850 Cyan Lumia 800 in the next 24 hours or so..
    I beleive they have all colours in stock for Australia now.
    All the Aussie telco's and stores are in the grip of Android Fever.  And im glad Nokia Australia have finally woken up..
    There are many people waiting!!