Nokia Lumia 900 chosen by Woodcraft Rangers

While the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone was the fleet phone of choice for Bridgestone Australia, the Nokia Lumia 900 has been tapped as the phone for the Woodcraft Rangers. What is a Woodcraft Ranger you ask?

Woodcraft Rangers is a Los Angeles, California based non-profit organization that provides educational and enrichment programs to over 16,500 youths from in-need neighborhoods. Founded in 1922, the Woodcraft Rangers provides after school programs for children in kindergarten through high school.

Why the Lumia 900? The organization was looking for an option to re-purpose their Blackberry servers in order to save money and needed an efficient, easy to use option that could integrate with existing IT infrastructure. David Lara, IT Administrator for Woodcraft Rangers stated,

"Additionally, our site coordinators like the big, bright Live Tiles, the Lumia's large screen and we liked the seamless integration to our Office Suite."

The sturdy construction of the Lumia 900 also stood out to Lara. Ultimately the organization opted for the Cyan Lumia 900 for its ninety employees. According to Lara the Cyan color was preferred over the black because the cyan stood out more, making the phone easier to find.

Source: MSNBC; Thanks, erichon99, for the tip!