Nokia patents foldable battery. Could be in your smartwatch someday

Wearable devices are the next big thing in consumer electronics. We’re already seeing the beginning of the future with things like the Fitbit family of devices and Samsung’s recent “Galaxy Gear” smartwatch. Rumors of devices from both Microsoft and Nokia have picked up recently. Supposedly, we’ve even seen what is potentially an entry from Nokia in the smartwatch market. Now, a recent patent filed from Nokia adds more fuel to the fire for a future smartwatch.

This patent was filed in March and aims to solve a problem that will potentially arise with smartwatches. The patent focuses on creating foldable batteries, an idea that can definitely find room for implementation in wearables like smartwatches.

Nokia Foldable Battery Patent

Nokia is no stranger to pushing the boundary with electronics. This concept for batteries is no exception to that Nokia spirit. We’re looking at a handful of foldable cells, these cells can be folded to form an asymmetrical battery that can better utilize space than conventional batteries. You know, like in a smartwatch.

The applications for foldable batteries could easily expand beyond smartwatches. What other scenarios do you envision as being useful for such technology? Let us know below.  

Source: European Patent Office, Via: Daily Mail

Sam Sabri