Nokia thanks users for getting Instagram on Windows Phone, teases with image of the app

During Nokia World last week, one of the big software announcements was for Instagram on Windows Phone. The process in getting the app officially on Microsoft’s platform has taken months (if not longer), resulting in copious amounts of frustration from users and ammo for critics.

Nokia today thanked users on Twitter for their effort in convincing Instagram to allow their app on the platform.

The Tweet simply notes

“You did it! Thanks to you, Instagram is arriving on Nokia #Lumia in the coming weeks.”

Unfortunatley during Nokia World, the app itself was not on hand for the press to peruse. However, today's Tweet is also accompanied by a more official look at the app.

The same image was projected on the back wall during the announcement at Nokia World, but if you blinked you may have missed it. Or if you were asleep. Now you can gaze at the official version of the app for the popular photo sharing network. Granted it’s nothing too shocking, but it’s still nice to see what will be arriving in just a few weeks’ time.

In the works for a long time

Nokia famously kicked off the campaign to get Instagram on Windows Phone with their #2InstaWithLove app back in March, and it’s no secret that Nokia either assisted or promoted unofficial apps like Instance and 6tag.

But in the end, it was most likely due to Windows Phone users making a ruckus that resulted in the Facebook owned company giving in to Microsoft (we have heard that this is the Microsoft-made version of the app, which has been in testing for months now).

While many of this site’s readers will stick with 6tag due to that app actually having more features than anything official, we’re still excited about the Instagram app being released. And clearly Nokia is too as even they have an Instagram account now. So what do you folks think?

Source: Nokia US (Twitter)

Daniel Rubino

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  • I already have the best...
  • +1020 ^^^
  • 6tag +1
  • +620
  • I'll just be glad to not hear WP doesn't even have instagram anymore. So done with that. Just a few more key apps and the critics will actually review the OS without crucifying because of a few apps that aren't official. I understand it needs to be mentioned I don't understand why it needs to be totally dismissed over it.
  • I agree with you on that
  • I look forward to continue to not use Instagram on my Lumia. :-)
  • Yeah, me, too. I guess it's great news for a lot of people, though.
  • Same here.
  • How very hipster of you guys, lol! (hipsters hate the mainstream stuff ya know)
  • Not really, it just that we already have 6tag and there is nothing better that it. Best instagram on the planet. Hope Ruby can make a windows rt version.
  • LOL!!!! I've never been in the hipster category, thanks!
    *puts on detective hat like Dirk Dagger* The Instagram app will be released on November 1st. Why do I think so? The time on the screenshot says 11:00. November is the 11th month....
    Ok, that's all I have.
  • I just hope they allow 6tag to stay.
  • They should have just paid Rudy for 6 tag and changed the label. If anyone deserves to be paid, it's Rudy.
  • This.
  • That.
  • Those?
  • Them
  • They
  • I have a feeling 6tag will be transformed into the official instagram app and that's the secret project Rudy has been working on with Microsoft
  • Unlikely, but then again it wouldn't surprise me
  • Victory!!! Time to ask for BBM
  • it's coming. It's announced. They're not as stubborn as Instagram. Luckily.
  • Really? Source?
  • Where it is announced? I haven't heared this.!!
  • Announced❔.. Can you provide a link❔
  • It hasn't been announced, but it's been hinted: BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone May Be a Reality According to BlackBerry
  • Ask for youtube, bbm, Facebook, created by the official company self
  • I'd rather they bolster/improve Skype to be all BBM is and more IMO.
  • I put this in another thread but I'll say it again since you're asking for BBM. About 3 weeks ago a blackberry rep came into my workplace and I asked about BBM for windows phone. He said blackberry offered it to Microsoft but that MS denied it. I asked if he was sure about that and he insisted it was true. I didn't believe him.
  • I think he is talking about BB approaching MS to purchase the company.
  • Why?! If they keep that ugly UI they can shave it up their phones ahah
  • Why, there already a bunch of messaging apps that do what BBM does.
  • BBM we can live without. No one had it besides BB until a few weeks ago.
  • Check this
  • Even though I'll stick with 6tag this will help for mass adoption. Most average consumers don't know about or care to use third party apps.
  • Exactly.. The only thing that's going to be annoying is store associates who are still saying to customers that Instagram is not available.. A year from now❕
  • I like 6gram but its good to have the official app onboard. It will attract more people and especially the social network crazed teenagers.
  • 6tag is the best instagram client
  • +820
  • Looking forward to it, sure, 6tag is Nice, but nothing like an official app, for users and principally, for The platform, i know many people who didnt but wp8 due to The lack is this app
  • Instagram is only for nokia phones? I have an ativ S :(
  • I don't think so.
  • Blahblah6tagblahblah6tagetcetc
    Anywho. I think it actually looks pretty nice.
  • Any word on if this app has the video from library upload feature? Are they getting special APIs for video upload from the gallery? Or is it still going to be limited with that function like 6tag?
  • Let's hope so! •fingers crossed•
  • I
  • So basically they saying thanks for kissing ass...
  • ...kicking ass... Fixed
  • Kicking who's ass? This isn't even an "official" app from them. They just said f it and gave MS consent to "release" a version like MS Facebook. Everyone kissing ass, like I said, just so Instagram can say fine please shut up now.
  • Do you know how many companies don't develop their own apps❔.. Official is official..
  • Ok.
  • Kissing LOL :D:D:D
  • See ??
    Popular revolution IS possible; coders of the world -- unite !
  • I wish the app was Instagram made instead of it being Microsoft made..
  • ^This
  • I'd normally agree but MS also made that awesomely great YouTube app... before Google whined and it got gutted. Seriously, it was a great app. So if it's anything like that, it'll be very nice.
  • Microsoft made a real ugly Facebook app. I really dont trust the microsoft team which makes apps on behalf of some other company.
  • Does it really matter if it has the official backing of Instagram, especially if the app wouldn't have been built unless Microsoft did it?
  • ++
    I mean look at Facebook app. Its come a long way but notification/fb chat and some other missing features is glaring.
  • I get fb chat and notifications. The chat comes as text msg and the notifications come jn the "me" tile
  • Why? If it works and is considered "official", who cares what corporation's employees were paid to write the code?
  • Can't wait.
  • I don't see why instagram doesn't add collages like 6tag its awesome! Minus the crashes sometimes. But glad to see its coming \z
  • How long before Instagram/Facebook try to get the unofficial apps like 6tag delisted in the store? ):
  • Not for long maybe? But even if it's so, it will just be the Windows Phone 8 compatibility that'll be disabled from those third-party Instagram apps because I don't think that WP7.x users will ever get the official Instagram app at all, just us the WP8 users.
  • I'll use it if Rudy is the dev behind. Lol. I guarantee u 6tag would be a better option
  • +1
  • I plan to keep using 6tag, but now there's a fallback if they ever block the API.
  • The more official apps, the better. Convinces other devs that haven't jumped aboard that it's a viable platform.
  • So all Lumia phones? 7.5/7.8 legacy devices included? Or is this WP 8 exclusive?
  • Yeah...I wouldn't count on that, mate.
  • Merely curious. Wouldn't count on it either, as they should stop supporting legacy altogether, come 8.1, but it is possible.
  • This is a defining moment for the platform. I will continue to use 6tag and support Rudy, but its a lot easier now to convert people go WP, because we have a native instagram app! Now, if Rudy could make a candy crush app...
  • This is welcome news, although I would be sticking to 6tag as a salute to all the hard work Rudy has done for the WP community. May there be more like him.
  • Remember Pandora was announced in Oct 2012 but released in March (?) we might be waiting a while for this one. I seriously hope not though.
  • except when they announced pandora, they said q1. 
    at nokia world, they said instagram will arrive in the coming weeks.  So assuming no delays, we probaby not waiting till march or 2014 to get instagram. 
  • maybe those hashtags finally start to work out like they should be
  • So it's Microsoft made? Meaning it basically lacks majority of features of original Instagram? Damnit.
  • You can always use 6tag. Or build your own.
  • The MS made YouTube app was better than Google's until they got it blocked...
  • No Nokia logo :O
  • Fudge!...dint notice...frightning..
  • It's actually there; just faint.
  • It's badly erased with PhotoShop. There should be a logo also on the eye of Sauron.
  • Yeah too late 6tag all day
  • Yay :D
  • i love 6tag but i will use the official one to see which one i like the most but most likely it will be 6tag. 6tag has custom notification sound for those on update 3 and i know the official instagram app will not custom notification sound. reply if you think imam wrong.
  • You're wrong I dunno why but you are.
  • Am I the only one who's disappointed that its Microsoft made though? I mean look at the Facebook app, its good but it certainly ain't perfect
  • At least if it's Microsoft made it will continually receive updates and improvements. The Facebook Beta app gets updated almost weekly. If this was just an Instgram app made by Instragram, it probably would be launched and maybe updated twice a year. Microsoft making it is better. It's enough to shut up the critics who lampoon Windows Phone for not having Instragram, but those who know will continue to use 6tag or Instance.
  • +920 
  • What's instagram ? Is it like a post card ?
  • Its like facebook, but you can only post images and no calendar, groups, pages, etc.
  • It's Twitter for people who can't read and write. You just post pointless pictures to your profile and add filters to ruin what used to be a good picture.
  • Ahaha Lol :D
  • For HTC Windows Phones too?
  • Will this be a Nokia exclusive?
  • Probably not just a Nokia exclusive but it ought to be simply because of all the campaign work Nokia and Lumia owners carried out to get the official application for Windows Phone. The other OEM's have sat back and basically done jack shit for our platform.
  • Coming to Windows Phone, not Lumias.
  • The only thing i can think of that it has that 6tag doesn't is video filters.
  • Fuck instagram. Not even kidding. For years they couldn't be bothered to invest the incredibly miniscule amount of resources into porting their app to windows phone for their users. Google is being a dick with YouTube, but at least you can see a logical reason since they compete head to head with Microsoft. But for a service like instagram, the only reason I can think of is that its run by some apple or google fanboys that couldn't get over their hate for "M$". I guess the years of begging by MS, Nokia, and their own users have finally made them invest the 20 man hours into making the app. Well forgive me if I don't crack open the bottle of champagne.
  • Wow, the app is not metro again..
    well it make sense since its own by Facebook..
  • At least it's not just a direct port...
  • Whether you use the official app or not, or couldn't care less about because of other 3rd party options, to say "go away we don't need you now" is silly and shortsighted.  If you love the WP OS and want to see it grow you should welcome any and all Official apps.
  • Yea, what he said.
  • What's Instagram?
    Come to think of it what's Facebook?
  • Ask Bing or google
  • No, just ask Bing. Google is evil.
  • Lets wait and see
  • I have a feeling 6tag will be transformed into the official instagram app through a surprise update and that's the secret project Rudy has been working on with Microsoft, which is why we probably also havent seen updates from the other apps such as Instance, inPic, etc.
  • You may be right.  I've thought the same thing myself.  It would be a good move by Instagram in my opinion.  That way the official Instagram app would be better than Ios or Android's apps and would be a major motivation for someone to try Windows Phone.
  • Most importantly, this would be a "trophy" for Rudy, as he truly deserves it for the hard work he has put into the 6tag, it would be a shame to let his app go to waste. 
  • This would be epic!! I'm rooting for this idea!!
  • Indeed it would be! ...and it would be a great way to honor Rudy's hard work!! 
  • I'll keep using 6tag for sure its better than the official
  • Meh. 6tag forever.
  • 6tag is a really good app and I'll continue supporting them of course, but also anything that helps get the detractors off our cases is more than welcome. One more notch towards general acceptance of Windows Phone is a good thing. ;)
  • Will it be available to wp7.x users?
  • What's that?
  • Even if we don't gonna use the official instagram app, like me, is good to download it so they can figured WP users are strongly active!
    Just to count like a download I will!
  • Bro...grammer!! ;)
  • thanks dude, I'm not a native English speaker, hehehehe sorry!
  • Bro... spellings! #grammar lol
  • Muchas gracias!
    Tomaré en cuenta tu consejo!
    Pero debo decir a mi favor que hago un gran esfuerzo! :D
  • i'd prob only use the official one to upload vids i recorded on my 1020... other than that... i'd prob use instance for browsing... 
    currently copying my videos over to my nexus 7 tablet and uploading the videos from there... hahaha...
  • Sky go is next...
  • This is amazing news....if it was January 2013. Its not, we've moved on, we have 6tag!
  • Critics will be able to shut up about apps, even though real people already have some better?
    This is something new.
  • More apps the better the OS is. As long as there not rushed and glitchy
  • Many people say that 6tag is superior to the official instagram application but I do not know why. The official Android application works the same as 6tag and I can't see how it is any better.
    Cab someone please enlighten me? Thank you in advance.
  • It's just fans being fans. I use both 6tag as an instagram replacement, and Phonly as a Feedly replacement. Neither are better than the 1st party apps offered on other platforms. Not even close. But fans like to give the devs credit for the effort. But they are clearly misguided.
  • Cheers for the reply. That makes sense because I honestly can't see how 6tag is any better than the official Instagram.
  • You two misers should start a fan page for yourselves. ;)
  • Wrong. 6tag has features that the official app doesn't have. That's why its better. Grumpy moron.
  • Hey ass munch, I suggest you go talk to your mother and have her re-learn you some manners. Adding some features doesn't make it better. SuperTube isn't better than the offical youtube app. Just because you add mediocre feature to a mediocre app, doesn't make it better than the original. 
  • @iyae.
    Can you at least let this "moron" know what these extra features are instead of just ranting like a moron yourself. Tosser.
  • @1jaxstate1
    Yep, I've tried Phonly and while it is a good application it isn't any better than the official Feedly application for Android. I feel the same way about 6tag too. Sure, it's a brilliant application but as far as I can tell it's no better than the official Instagram application I'm trying out on my Android phone. It's laid out differently but that seems to be the only difference I've found so far.
  • Finally, the majority of "WP has no apps" naysayers will have one less excuse. It's always been "No Instagram, no way!" from the most people I've heard (regardless of the fact that the 3rd party apps are mostly superior).
  • One of their founders is not a friend of MS. So I've read. I have Instance but rarely use it becuz frankly... it doesn't interest me. Until WP gets a larger mindshare the normal reasoning of a antiMS dudes are it doesn't make sense becuz of the low #'s. When mindshare increases the argument will be...Why help the competition?
  • How about full Instagram integration into WP8.1❔.. Maybe this is coming.., and maybe that's what all of the wait has been for... Microsoft may be trying to get certain apps to have parity with the next major version of WP.. For example, the notification issues that we have with the official Facebook app could be a thing of the past if MS makes certain apps communicate in certain ways with the upcoming notification center.. Besides, who needs notifications coming from multiple sources on their phone❔ Well, maybe these things should be made optional.. Anyways, app connect may be evolving more in WP8.1.....
  • Wait, this app is from Microsoft? I'm sure it'll be good but I'd rather use a REAL official app. Oh well. 6tag it is :)
  • Don't use instagram, cba looking at photos that look like they have been soaked in tea. However i am glad to see an official app hit the OS as hopefully it will mean that more official apps will arrive (except google obviously)
  • "whoa, nice pictures, did you use instagram before developing them?"
    "nah, I just accidently knocked my earl grey tea on them."
  • I am happy with my 920, don't think of upgrading yet.
  • Does the logo have to be in the way?
  • 6tag ftw, #instatoolittletoolate
  • I find it kinda sad. Its like the whole platform should be thankfull to the allmighty Instagram application. Who gives a crap? There gonna have to do something extraodinary to keep me from using 6tag. I hope the number of the app downloads just suck so they get the message that the fans actually didn't give a crap.
  • Is it only to Lumias? What about the others?
  • How I have both red 920 work phone yellow 1020 personal beat that.
  • Did anyone else noticed that this Lumia 1020 doesn't have the "NOKIA" branding?
  • It does have the Nokia logo but the angle makes it very faint
  • I'm still hoping that the official instagram app is the answer for a perfect instagram-like app for w 7.8
  • hmmm... clock says 11 o'clock.. maybe it's coming this november! :)
  • About dang time....but I got a Lumia 900 =( WP8 will be getting it. Would love to get the official app....cut out the middle man.
  • Take that, haters!
    0 credibility, we have tons of apps!
  • Follow me on app social please "dwane20"
  • I bet all the people bitching about official instagram and praising 6tag will definitely download the official one as and when it arrives.
  • Haha, that's what I'm saying.
  • :)
  • Im under the impression that #hashtags# used in unofficial apps for Instagram on WP are not searchable by users on the official Instagram. Yes these apps like 6tag and Instance have the same feed of Instagram, but not comparable #hashtags###
    Am I wrong?
  • Is it going to be only for Nokia devices, or will it work for the other devices like my 8x