Nokia thanks users for getting Instagram on Windows Phone, teases with image of the app

During Nokia World last week, one of the big software announcements was for Instagram on Windows Phone. The process in getting the app officially on Microsoft’s platform has taken months (if not longer), resulting in copious amounts of frustration from users and ammo for critics.

Nokia today thanked users on Twitter for their effort in convincing Instagram to allow their app on the platform.

The Tweet simply notes

“You did it! Thanks to you, Instagram is arriving on Nokia #Lumia in the coming weeks.”

Unfortunatley during Nokia World, the app itself was not on hand for the press to peruse. However, today's Tweet is also accompanied by a more official look at the app.

The same image was projected on the back wall during the announcement at Nokia World, but if you blinked you may have missed it. Or if you were asleep. Now you can gaze at the official version of the app for the popular photo sharing network. Granted it’s nothing too shocking, but it’s still nice to see what will be arriving in just a few weeks’ time.

In the works for a long time

Nokia famously kicked off the campaign to get Instagram on Windows Phone with their #2InstaWithLove app back in March, and it’s no secret that Nokia either assisted or promoted unofficial apps like Instance and 6tag.

But in the end, it was most likely due to Windows Phone users making a ruckus that resulted in the Facebook owned company giving in to Microsoft (we have heard that this is the Microsoft-made version of the app, which has been in testing for months now).

While many of this site’s readers will stick with 6tag due to that app actually having more features than anything official, we’re still excited about the Instagram app being released. And clearly Nokia is too as even they have an Instagram account now. So what do you folks think?

Source: Nokia US (Twitter)

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