Nokia's Snake dresses up for the holidays

Nokia is at it again with their brilliant adver-tainment campaign.  They have added the classic Snake game that they had used to advertise on MSN UK to their Facebook page.  This time around, they have thrown a Christmas sweater on it, using wrapped gifts as the snake's snack.  As you slither around gobbling up presents, the snake grows longer, making it tougher to navigate the tiny confines of the page. 

With the tie-in to Facebook, players can share their scores (mine were too low to be proud of) or even challenge their friends.  If you want to kill some time, check it out using the source link below.  Beware the ultra-catchy midi soundtrack.

Source: Nokia (Facebook)

Seth Brodeur
  • And they use flash, so no one on a wp7 can play it...
    It's the little fails like that which overshadow the shining marketing strategy.
  • Well, if you're already using a WP7 then they aren't trying to market to you ;-)
  • This comment is fail.
  • they should make their snake on wp7 :)