Nokia's Welcome Home app makes converting easy

Nokia has launched a new app that will make it easy for iPhone (opens in new tab), Android (opens in new tab), and Blackberry (opens in new tab) users to make the move or convert to Windows Phone. The app makes moving all your contacts, calendars and apps over from your old phone to your new Lumia Windows Phone nice and easy.

Welcome Home to Windows Phone is an app from Markspace that migrates all the information and is compatible with both PC and Mac systems. The app will first back up everything from your old device and then transfer contacts, appointments, pictures, songs and videos to your new Windows Phone. The Welcome Home app will only copy DRM-free (unrestricted rights) songs and videos.

As far as apps are concerned, the Welcome Home to Windows Phone app will scan your old phone to see what apps are installed. Welcome Home will then produce a list of recommended apps (either identical or similar) for your Windows Phone. The listing will even include the QR codes to make downloading a little easier.

App Recommendations

If you've considered making the move to Windows Phone from another system but the pain of transferring contacts, calendars and other items held you back, Welcome Home to Windows Phone looks like it'll take the hassle out of making such a move.

You can download the free Welcome Home to Windows Phone app here with options for PC and OSX downloads.

Source: Conversations Nokia

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • This is an awesome tool for converting those on the fence about switching platforms.
  • And this is why Nokia is developing a cult following...
  • Dont worry, the Nokia fan haters will be along shortly.
  • The Nokia fan haters come because you guys think it's cool to bash other OEMs that aren't Nokia. We are fed up with it.
  • Quit bitching
  • He can't stop unfortunately. Not to rub salt in an open wound but this is just another example of an OEM that is betting big on the platform and wants to succeed. Looks like Samsung and HTC are just hoping to ride on Nokia's hardwork and ideas and frankly that's disgusting.
  • It's not so much that it's fun to bash other WP OEM, Nokia is still the _only_ OEM which actually seems to give a damn and does actively persue developers and companies to hop on the WP bandwagon. Obviously as a result of their investments they want to see, at least temporary, 'unique to Lumia apps' which is what the haters troll about. Instead those people should let their OEM of choice know they would like to see them do the same.. But it's easier to troll than to be constructive..
  • ++
  • Duh because MS paid them to do so
  • Again with this. MS paid them, regardless of their situation, to become WP only. I guarantee if HTC or Samsung did this, ms would instantly give them the same support. That said, I think HTC deserves a little more credit for their efforts than given; Sammy on the other hand hasn't earned it imo, but maybe with this new handset...
  • We? Speak for yourself! Anyway, what have the other OEMs done for WP? *crickets*
  • Well HTC and Samsung both have more phones than Nokia and they have made good useful utility apps for them, at least HTC don't know about Samsung.
  • Is this Kool-Aid safe to drink? Hmms...
  • Awesome.
    I got a say i love Nokia WP side just because of this small things. These are the kind of things driving you mad before WP really gathers big enough mass around it. 
  • What I need is a way to transfer my Xbox live games from current phone to my new one. There is a lot of games I'm half way thru. Some of them are no longer available. I hope Microsoft gives us a solution.
  • +1
  • I agree on this. It would be great to have this app available to any Windows 8 phones, not just exclusive to Nokia. Even though I'll probably have a Nokia when I make my move to Verizon in December. But would be good to have that app just in case Verizon has something better than Nokia, come December.
  • Good. I will be switching to the new 9xx from the iPhone. And it's a good thing none of my pirated music has DRM.
  • Great
  • As if we have the main apps the other platforms have... Just sayin'
  • That's why the software will recommend similar apps in case the exact one is not yet available on WP. If only you had read the blog post...
  • I read it, most iPhoners probably won't, and no one is going to use "whatever-gram" over Instagram. I'm not complaining, I don't use either. Just stating facts.
  • How do you know they won't use whatever gram?
  • Lots of apps on WP are better than apps on other platforms. Words by post, for example is much better than words with friends. Sure, there's lots WP doesn't have but I've always found some comparable of better
  • Seriously!!! Some apps are better on wp but most are missing so many things ... Example Adobe Reader, What's app and tunein radio. The mentioned are lacking features found on their Andriod/ios counterparts.
  • Seriously am I the only want who does not want this hipster (intagram) soft on WP8 platform. I mean that soft is so overrated and is barely used in large market like China and even Europe to some extent. if you want to spoil your nice pics, we've got a nokia specific app for that integrated into the camera. No need for another crapwware.
  • If it'll increase the userbase, I'll welcome any crappy iOS apps with open arms.
  • Wow, this is amazing!! Hopefully this gets advertised well!
  • +1
  • I think they should have this installed in stores, so that when somebody buys a new WP8 device it can transfer all its precious data on the spot. That will act as value added service. BB did stuff like that years ago here in the UK&France.
  • This changes everything. . . . .
  • Xbox live games are tied to your gamertag! Microsoft keeps track of everything digital you buy, you pay for it once and can always redownload it again free. Your saves 'should' be saved online as well, but I would check the FAQ for each game to make sure.
  • Don't count on the game saves being available.
  • No cloud saves for WP games. They don't even stay on the phone when you uninstall the game. The only data that's saved on your account besides achievements is highscores in games with leader boards.
  • The lack of configuration and saved games are truly one of the most annoying missing features of the Windows phone 7 environment. I hope that changes in WP 8.
  • What confuses me is that our profiles contain the GPD for all of our WP7 games, so I don't get why that doesn't include saves as well.
  • We need macrumors or MacWorld site to post this. Almost everyone on this site is already a WP user.
  • Or iMore ;-)
  • I doubt they'll want to advertise something like this on their page. They'll most likely want to keep their costumers from even finding out that there's a better platform for them.
  • +1
  • Engadget will probably pick it up. They have been trying to soften their stance on MS now that they see how many readers they lost
  • They did pick it up. :)
  • saves are not saved i switched windowsphones and redownloaded the games and they all started over all of the unlcocks and vehicles in some games i had were not there so the games are re-downloadable just doesn't keep your last saved spot.
  • I hate that. I had to reset my phone. And I lost everything. Time to get back in there and play again. Wish there was a way to save your progress on something like SkyDrive.
  • We're looking at you, MicroSoft...
  • GTA 3/Vice City need to hit WP8
  • If only they could make something for migrating from windows phones easily...the last of full phone backup / restore is a big negative in my opinion, but I live my Lumia just as I loved my previous one.
  • Nokia=Awesomeness
  • you gotta luv nokia and root for there sucess, there the underdog but theyre fighting like the top dog for windows phone, much luv to you nokia.
  • +
  • I'm really pissed off I bought a HTC titan I can't even get an update out of them for the disappearing keyboard let alone an app I would actually use and it seems like Nokia is putting out a new sweet app every other week damnit .
  • Switching from a iPhone to a lumia.. They are joking right...
  • I know someone that switched from get iPhone 3GS to a nice new Lumia when they came out, and she likes it!
  • Every iPhone user I expose to WP7 instantly falls in love with it. Most of them just stick with it because they don't realize that a better alternative is available.
  • Wow, Nokia isn't playing around. Things like this are why I'm planning on switching from Samsung to Nokia. The support and exclusive apps. Why am I apprehensive about switching?
  • You got that right Ecurb87. I didn't know Nokia rolled like this either.
  • I would happily switch to Nokia, but I have to stick with whoever offers a free phone through AT&T, which is Samsung.
  • With everything they have done Nokia has already convinced me that my WP8 will be one of their devices.....if one is on Verizon that is.
  • I just hope they build a Lumia to Lumia migration tool too. I had to reset my phone and I would like to preserve my contact links and application settings... If they can di this from IOS and Android... They should be able to do a better job from WP 7.x to WP 8.x...
  • I was thinking the same thing. When I move from WP7.5 to WP8, this would be great, especially if I dont have to manually install each app.
  • Yeah, exactly... But I suspect we'll be out of luck: It's so much appealing to capture other new users, and they got us trapped already as we all love our Lumias...
  • This is seriously so cool. So glad I made the switch to Nokia.
  • Why doesn't this have Symbian support?? I don't own a Symbian phone so i don't care much about it but i think many people will. I think the most users come to WP from Symbian compared to other platforms
  • they do support symbian. actually, they have contact transfer app for Lumia 900 when it became available
  • Ummm ..... Did Nokia forgot something ?
    I'm a big fan of Nokia for many years and use only Nokia phone.
    Why don't they just provide me a tool for move my Nokia backup from my old Nokia feature phone (I created by Ovi program and I migrate it along with me everytime I change to new one)
    Now I use Lumia with everything new and only contact that be moved from my old phone. What about my precious SMS from my mom and dad in old phone , huh ?
    You only look for other site, don't look at who always be at your side ?
  • Oh.. see what above guy ask.... Symbian too !!!
    Don't mess with other brands' stuffs too much while leaving your customer sit with blank mind.
  • That will come handy in the future, but with my bad experience with Nokia Suite for Symbian ... I'll pass on this one
  • That makes no sense.
    Because of some old software you can't use this software?
    Tried myself it today (you can already test it) and worked just like advertised. 
  • I sure am glad I don't have to worry about this app
  • It's a good idea and a welcome one.  Others should do similar programs, right Samsung?
  • well, as a few other's have already said here.  if this app could also handle WP7.x to WP8 then I would be even more thrilled about it.  (it's a great idea to help make moving to WP easier... but I want something for those of us who are already on the WP bandwagon!)
  • +1
  • Microsoft unfortunately tends to not reward those who are already customers. We see a lot of this on Xbox. They'll do what they can to get your business, but once they have it, you don't matter anymore.
  • This has been my biggest concern since I bought my first &@#$^!@# iPod back in 2005 (no, I didn't try the Zune at the time, and I should have).  I really hope Verizon gets a nice Nokia device this time around.  All the third party solutions I've seen out there...worry me...
  • I like Nokia. They have dropped in sales but are fighting to get it back. I even put my money where my mouth is. Purchased some Nokia stock. That is how much I believe in them. 
  • Hello,
    I broke my iPhone but I made a backup(sync) with iTunes just before. I now have a Nokia Lumia 820 with Windows Phone 8 and I would like to use "Welcome Home" to recovery all the data from iTunes's backup. 
    But the software asks at step one to connect my old iPhone, what I can't do because it is broken! I couldn't find any way to jump that step to go to the step where you choose the iTunes last synchronisation to go on with the Welcome Home synchronisation.
    Do you know what I can do to go further?
    Thanks a lot, Thomas.