Now the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 is $279? (Late-nite update: Not so much)

We'll make you a deal: This will be our last post on the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 and its on-contract price before the thing actually launches tomorrow. In exchange, you'll bear with us as we again scratch our heads at another leaked pricing strategy. This one, again courtesy of TmoNews, has the TP2 at $279 with a two-year contract, and $329 with a one-year deal.

So, we'll find out for real in a few hours. That work for you guys?

Update: Nope, it's $349. Sorry, folks.

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  • This one seems to be the real deal with several users simultaneously obtaining this information from T-Mo CSR's.
  • How much for flex pay no contract
  • 549 i think...thats what the guy at t-mo told me
  • If employees have info on prices, why haven't we gotten confirmed and consistent reports as of yet?
  • 279.99 isn't bad. I would do that in a heartbeat!
  • I'll be picking this up tomorrow if the stores in my area are carrying it.
  • Yeah 279 sounds good. Come on sprint!!!
  • Not so fast!
    I have just spoken with a T-mobile Rep via online chat. (after online it was posted as 349) Here it is:
  • update: wack! All eyes on the other 3 carriers.
  • Yeah. Its really a good handset. I love it.
  • I just spoke to a T-Mo rep and she quoted $279.99 to me AND told me to call back because I can maybe get a better loyalty price when I started in about the pricing being to high, but the system will not have the best prices available til 10 AM Pacific time.. So I will be calling back in 2 hours.
  • sells them for $199.99 and $229.99 with 2yr upgrade ext.
  • have u people seen the original tp2? this is not it!!!!!
    u can get the origial one without all the tmobile crap in it from it's costs more but u'll have more space on the device and less chance of bugs due to the tmobile crap loaded into it.
  • there is also a world version that will work anywhere!!!!
  • Newegg has it for $199!
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