NVIDIA's latest GeForce graphics drivers are optimized for Forza Horizon 3 [Update: AMD as well]

Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3

Update: AMD has also released its own Forza Horizon 3 optimized driver update for PCs with its Radeon graphics cards. The Crimson drivers have the version number of 16.9.2.

NVIDIA has released new drivers for its GeForce graphic cards, bringing along game-ready optimizations for the upcoming Windows 10 PC version of Forza Horizon 3.

The full release notes (opens in new tab) for the new 372.90 drivers also include a number of bug fixes, along with some unnamed security updates. We expect AMD to release its own Crimson drivers for its best graphics cards that will also be optimized for Forza Horizon 3 in the near future. The game will be available to play for buyers of the Ultimate Editon on September 23, and for everyone else on September 27.

John Callaham
  • Downloading it. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Yea, interesting. Are we announcing vid card driver updates here now? Pretty convenient, actually. So long as you announce each one and not just a few. Ta, WC.
  • This was worth mentioning because they're driver updates specific to this game. You will probably not see articles on every driver update.
  • Oh well. Would have been handy, but such is life. Oh, and whoever downvoted me for being enthusiastic about this article, what's not to like about a driver announcement? You are very strange indeed.
  • I will wait on this, last 2 driver updates playing hell with my Audio.
  • This. Wont switch between headphones and hdmi/tv sometimes. Also have had youtube/video issues. But that can also be because of Edge. Running msi 390.
  • I really need to upgrade.... Q6600 DDR2-800
  • Haha. Yes, you really need. A modern AMD Athlon on DDR4 would wreck the Q6600 so hard.
  • It's still a good processor. Over clock it + add a good GPU and bam, you've a great setup.
  • I find it funny how only a couple of years ago nVidia was being strung up for cheating in benchmarks with specific drivers to improve results, and now it's the norm?
  • Nowadays, their drivers are just buggy, each and every one of them
  • Its not cheating as long as image quality is not fiddled with. Nvidia have always put more resources into drivers as their hardware often lacks raw power when compared to AMD. That is why AMD often have an advantage in DX12. More raw power :p
  • Actually, NVIDIA is the one solving problems with more brute power. AMD has generally been the one to implement tech looking forward. Which would often put them at a disadvantage at release of a new card because no games would make use of it yet. But AMD cards hold up better over time (generally speaking again).
  • Entrance that is not true at all. AMD is always raw power and brute force and Nvidia is always tech/driver driven. Physx, game works, etc.
  • Physx and Game Works is software side. I am talking about the GPU architecture. Generally speaking NVIDIA is truly more about staying with known tech, chip architecture, and throwing more and more power at stuff to get it to run faster. Different architectures with AMD investing a lot more in stuff like more shader processors and memory bandwith which would later pay off as the card got older, games got more optimized for those shader processors and scaled less with the MOAR POWERRR approach from NVIDIA. I am not saying that one is better than the other, it has just been two different approaches to GPU design over the past decade and a half or so.  
  • Is anyone having L1020 in fast ring ? How's the camera performance ?
  • Terrible. Don't upgrade. Autofocus rarely works properly, camera launch times are very very slow and the photos are very heavily compressed with JPEG resulting in worse image quality. I've also had some issues with living images no longer working and abnormal delays between being able to take pics (nearly half a min sometimes)
  • Whatever the performance, you do realise you can't install the Nvidia graphics drivers on a phone, right? It's not going to help.