Office Online updated with improved commenting, arrives in Chrome Web Store

Microsoft has made Office Online available on the Google Chrome Web Store. While Office Online has always worked in Chrome, Chrome users install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Online in the Chrome App Launcher. Office Online will go head-to-head with Google's productivity apps right in Google's own store.

In addition to the arrival in the Chrome Web Store, Office Online has received some major updates today. Word Online has added commenting to editing mode. Footnotes and end notes are also simpler to work with, and can be added inline. Word Online will now add text that you started typing directly under a numbered list a part of that list.

Commenting has also been enhanced in Excel Online. Users can now add new comments, as well as edit and delete existing comments. Support for VBA files has also been added to Excel, and the app is gaining the Tell Me feature, previously only available in Word Online, which gives users a set of applicable commands when they ask how to complete a task.

Smaller updates have been made to PowerPoint and OneNote Online. Like Excel, PowerPoint Online now has Tell Me support, along with a performance boost and a re-engineered text editor. OneNote has added printing support and multi-column section and page navigation.

You can take a look at all of these changes, as well as Office Online on the Chrome Web Store, right now.

Source: Microsoft

Joseph Keller