Introducing #OneCast - an Xbox One, Windows 10 and Microsoft podcast!

The podcast was initially an experimental project, but after the positive feedback we've received, it will continue to be a weekly addition to our Xbox coverage on Windows Central. A new episode of the OneCast will go live every Sunday, accessible via a majority of top podcast distribution services and apps.

The podcast will be handled by our Xbox editor Jez Corden and me, but over the coming months, we can expect various members of the Windows Central team to make appearances, alongside guests from the gaming industry.

The second episode of the OneCast has now landed, where we recap the week's biggest news in Xbox and Microsoft. Over the course of the 90-minute show, we discuss a variety topics including Tom Clancy's: The Division, future Xbox One updates and upcoming beta tests. This week we also touched on a hypothetical question provided by community member @Mikefizzled, surrounding abandoned game franchises we'd like to see revived for the Xbox One.

This week's episode is now available for download here!

If you're yet to listen to the OneCast, the first episode is available on Soundcloud, where we discussed delayed titles, upcoming game releases and what we can expect from Microsoft during 2016.

In future episodes we'll be discussing a weekly Xbox-related hypothetical question from the community, so make sure to supply us with a talking point via our Twitter accounts (@MSFTY and @rtenvi) using #OneCast, or in the comments below!

Further reading on this week's topics

Matt Brown

Matt Brown was formerly a Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Cool, I'll check it out.
  • Ooh, didn't know Jez was WC's Xbox What's your gamertag Jez, mine is Kenzibit :)
  • MSFTY Jez :)
  • Now that's what's up.
  • A small typo in the title: *an Xbox One... :P
  • Yeah, I always write that too, sounds better than "a Xbox One" :)
  • In US, an Xbox is correct because Xbox starting sound is like "ecks" which starts with a vowel sound.
  • I know, hence my comment. :)
  • Completely forgot to check this... Sorry Jez. Will listen later. Nice job guys.
  • Thanks for listening :)
  • This needs to be like the old WC podcasts, where it's live with a community discussion option. I'd definitely check it out then, not really into just turning on droning opinions otherwise.
  • Thanks for the feedback! We're always looking for ways to improve the show!
  • This was much needed like the icymi! Thanks Matt!
  • Thanks! This isn't a Windows Central podcast, but rather an Xbox podcast with a hint of Microsoft (Mostly how other Microsoft products fit into gaming). We're still in our early days, so please give us a listen and tell us what you think!
  • Ah. That's a shame, though I'd probably still be interested. Are there any plans you're aware of for a general Windows Central podcast to return? This may sound silly but the only reason I haven't started following iMore and Android Central's podcasts yet is because I've been waiting for you guys so I can get a level balance of all three. T'would be great!!! Lemme know! Cheers!
  • I would like to suggest the MS Mobile Show as an option to get your Microsoft podcast fix. We've had great discussions with Daniel, Richard and Jez on prior episodes. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pocketnow weekly...
  • We talked about a lot of Windows-centric topics on this week's show. :)
  • Sounds like you would be more interested in the streams ;)
  • I already watch the streams, but those are more outside observance during a single game, where as this is more of a general discussion of the platform that goes on.
  • We'll def look into doing live stuff down the line, going for something a little more simple to start with.
  • Problem with that lies in the childish comments we get for using Google Hangouts/YouTube for hosting. Google provides a simple platform to host an engaging show. Not everyone sees that.
  • Sounds like there needs to be a commenter banning system...though I abhor Google as much as anyone, if Micorosft's too crummy to give us an alternative, you kind of have to accept it.
  • Could always use, then of course people would be crying about its lack of support for Edge browser. Posted via the most excellent Nexus 6P using the equally awesome Windows Central app for Android
  • Does the XB1 have a podcasting App?
  • Without background audio support, music/podcast apps are somewhat limited. We'll hopefully see an app once the feature drops later this year!
  • Thanks for the reply. I was thinking instead of head phoning podcasts I could fire up the XB1, load my podcast and listen while chilled on the couch with an XB1 App. I suspect a person could use the IE browser to get to it as well.
  • How do I listen to this live? I've never used podcast before, so can anyone give me details?
  • You don't listen to podcasts live, they are pre recorded "radio shows" assuming you have a windows phone just open the podcast app and search "onecast" download it and listen at your leisure.
  • That "Logo" is so cool! Looks like Outlook logo! :P is it made with illustrator?
  • Yeah... Too dull...
  • Come with a good one if you do that stuff.
  • Hey! I made it with Photoshop and Illustrator :) thanks for the kind words.
  • No problem! :)
  • Cheers guys, will give it a whirl. I couldn't find it at first - I had to search for "One Cast" as two separate words in Podcast Lounge.
  • Sweet! I'll have to check it out! Now, question: I know the focus on this podcast is XBox related stuff, but am I safe to assume this is also a general "all things Microsoft" podcast? Let me word the question differently: iMore has an iMore podcast. Android Central has an Android Central podcast. I know there used to be a Windows Central podcast but it's dead. I know the name is different, but will this be a real "gap filler" for the old "Windows Central" podcast? I'd REALLY like to see one of those! Lemme know!!! Thanks!!!
  • Yeah, we'll definitely discuss more Microsoft News than the average Xbox podcast, but it does have an Xbox/gaming focus. It's for Microsoft all-rounders, hopefully!
  • I'd like to suggest the MS Mobile Show of which Jez, Daniel and Richard have been guests of for other Microsoft discussion. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Awesome! Subscribed on iTunes.
  • Can we sub to this on the built-in podcast app on Win10Mobile? I can't seem to find it on there.
  • Paste the RSS Feed URL (provided in the article) into the search bar :P
  • Ah, I didn't even notice that you could use the URL too. Thanks!
  • Hmmm. I found it a subscribed in WP8 with no issues. I'm surprised WP10 didn't work.
  • Found it on the stock app, W10M
  • How did you find it?
  • Put this in the search bar on the podcast app.
  • I say this as constructive criticism, and you guys will probably correct it naturally as you go on and find your rhythm anyway, but you guys say "Umm" and "Uhh" way to much. Otherwise, great podcast guys.
  • Yeah I've noticed that. For me, it's a weird thing where I'll be fine, but as soon as I hit the record button, I start saying 'umm' a lot. Thanks for bringing it up though! I'll work on it!
  • We def need to work on that haha, cheers
  • I like that logo at the top :)
  • Don't you know that "OneCast" is a german video cast? Lol.
  • That was the first thing i recognized... Maybe the OneCast idea will spread all over the world ;)
  • We realised this after the first episode. We've spoken to the OneCast guys and because of the difference in language and target audience, we're both on good terms.
  • Subscribed. Noticed it's a 1 hour 30 min long. I hope I can fit it into my weekly commute.
  • How about a little more compression? There's no reason an audio show needs to have that high of a bitrate. These files are gigantic for audio podcasts.
  • Will reconsider bitrate for Ep. 3 :)
  • Jez, I export MS Mobile Show and Tech Informist at 96kbps. Not sure if you or Matt handle that portion. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Aye, we'll likely do something more along those lines for this week's ep, especially considering it's 2 hours long >_<
  • Hope it's picked up thru PocketCasts, will check out!
  • I found and subscribed through PocketCast. No problems.
  • Pretty much once a show hits iTunes, Pocket Casts then can pull the feed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I already listen to Major Nelson podcast weekly, which is about the same topics..but I'll give this a try ☺
  • WC we love WC why not listen?
  • also MNRadio is so fast pased at times hard to keep up with.
  • I listened to the first episode on my W10M phone during daily commute. The volume was very quiet compared to other podcasts (using default MS podcast app) even with phone set to maximum. Can you increase the recording volume in future? Thanks.
  • If you listen to episode 2, they increased the volume. I started listening yesterday and Cortana was really loud when I recieved a text. I had my 928 all the way up and was able to still listen with my car volume about 3/4.
  • Aye, definitely, thanks for feedback
  • As soon as i get my phone back up and going aka podcast device I will subscirbe to this podcast.