OneDrive for iOS updated with fix for whack-a-mole-esque bug

OneDrive on iPad Pro
OneDrive on iPad Pro (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • OneDrive for iOS has an update that includes several bug fixes.
  • The update fixes an issue that could cause the command menu to jump around the screen.
  • The update also fixes several other issues, including the app potentially crashing when a photo is rotated.

OneDrive for iOS has a new update that includes several bug fixes (via OnMSFT). The update brings the app to version 11.5 and addresses a number of issues. The update fixes an issue that caused the command menu to jump around "like a less fun version of whack a mole" according to the app's changelog.

The full changelog outlines all of the other fixes in the update,

  • The iPad command menu would jump around on screen like a less fun version of whack a mole. We've dialed down our menu's energy level to a 7, and it will now stay in one place.
  • Notification badges for uploading photos, those red doodads with the number, would show when Camera Upload was turned off. We have revised our abacus logic, and these notifications now know the difference between on and off.
  • iOS 13 users who opened the share sheet and subsequently tried to change sharing options would experience the app to crash. This has been fixed and has given us the opportunity to shamelessly plug our industry leading sharing options.
  • When in the Photos view, rotating the phone sideways could cause the app to crash. This made Zero G photo viewing nearly impossible - so it's been fixed.
  • Sharing a file from split screen on an iPad would cause the app to crash. Sharing is caring but this wasn't very caring of us. This has been fixed.
  • We had a bit of a layout blunder where certain text was getting cut off in some screens. This has been fixed, and our eloquent text can once again be fully appreciated.

The app update is rolling out to all users now. It's a significant update in terms of stability, so it's worth checking for the update right away.

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