'Orcs Must Die!' and 'The King of Fighters XIII' join Xbox backward compatibility

The Xbox backward compatibility catalog is growing by two more games today. Joining the ranks of the hundreds of Xbox and Xbox 360 games that are already available to play on Xbox One, are "Orcs Must Die!" and "The King of Fighters XIII."

In "Orcs Must Die!", you play as a war mage with one mission: kill as many orcs and their cohorts as possible. The action-strategy game gives you multiple ways to take out your enemies as you defend 24 fortresses from their assault across several difficulty levels. From carefully laid traps to elemental weapons, it doesn't matter how you get the job done; all that matters is that you kill as many orcs as possible.

"The King of Fighters XIII," meanwhile, is an upgraded version of the original arcade title, which is itself a part of a long-running fighting game series. Filled with oodles of fighters to master, the console version also packs some exclusive characters of its own. Along with the option to fight it out against your friends, The King of Fighters XIII packs a story mode that plays out as a visual novel.

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If you already own either title, you should be able to play it on your Xbox One now. For those who want to dive in, you can grab "Orcs Must Die!" for $15, while "The King of Fighters XIII" is available for $30.

And for more backward compatible titles, check out our running list of the full lineup.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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