Order & Chaos Online gets new features and goes free on Windows Phone

Order & Chaos Online has received an update, it's first since August 2013. As we reported last week the title, formerly $6.99, is now free to play on Windows Phone.

Players can now look to enjoy all of the new features found in the iOS and Android versions of the game. These include new competitive multiplayer features, brand new dungeons and regions, and new quests. The new features are available as an update to the existing game, so if you have Order & Chaos Online already installed, then all you need to do is update.

QR: order and chaos online

Joseph Keller
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  • Link : http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/order-chaos-online/be84b96c-...
  • Thanks!
  • Anyone know what happens to the people who purchased the game? I didn't, im just concerned gameloft didnt think of them.
  • Nope. Actually, they have to make the game free to rebuild the player base. Most players stopped playing because of bugs and the lack of updates. When I last played, it's like... I'm the only one in the game.
  • Would be nice if they gave us something in game but I'm not holding my breath.
  • People bought this last year. Expecting any bonuses is just stupid.
  • No one said we were expecting anything. Would just be nice if they did give something to all the players that purchased the game.
  • you can get a refund.
  • You forgot to add the '512mb ram not supported' banner ;)
  • Mistakes do happen. ;)
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  • Now I regret my 7 bucks. :p
  • no support for 512 mb -.-
  • Luckily more and more Windows Phones have 1 gb or more RAM.
  • Although like 50% of phones are Lumia 520 and then a good amount of 620 and 720 (all 512 Mb). Still I find it proper that's 1gb only so it can keep the graphical quality
  • Downloading now. If it's anything like GT Racing 2 they won't have fixed the issues on 1080 screens :/.
  • What issues? GT Racing 2 works fine on my L1520.
  • http://i.imgur.com/MYzM3o4.png This
  • Downloading
  • They says its universal app. But i cant find windows 8version of this game ... O_o EDIT: i found it. nvm
  • Send me link, please...
  • i didn't find it by browser, i found it in Store, so Im not able to copy link from Store. Try to type "order & chaos Online" into search bar
  • It works. Thank you ;)
  • NP :)
  • Just...wow...Gameloft is amazing! Having more and more Xbox games on Windows (Phone) makes this platform more appealing. Very well done Gameloft! A big thanks.
  • Hallelujah! Pigs can fly. Gods a astronaut, everything is true. And it works....im speech less. 1 year later.
  • Finally yay!
  • Did they ever fix the graphical errors on the L1520?
  • Yes!
  • Blast is back! Anyone remembers chaotic guild
  • Sweet
  • Hmm, I currently have it installed on my 1020, but there's no update showing even after a manual check for updates?
  • Hey, the game says that it is only free through level 8. After that you have to pay for the game. If this is true, then this is NOT a free game.
  • I just read the description again and it's true...meh.
  • That was how it worked when it was a paid game; the first few levels were free. It's no longer like that.
  • Hallelujah! This is fantastic news!  Fortunately I remembered my Gameloft Live account info.  Ahhh... the music.  Now I just gotta remember the UI and it's back to a comfort zone.