Xbox One S and Xbox wireless controllerSource: Windows Central

What you need to know

  • OtterBox announced the Power Swap Controller Batteries for Xbox controllers today.
  • The batteries allow you to hot swap, meaning your controller can stay on as you switch batteries.
  • The Power Swap Controller Batteries from OtterBox will be available on June 15, 2021 for $60.

You've fought your way through hordes of enemies or battled your way into the final 10 of a battle royale game. Your adrenaline is pumping, your grip involuntarily tigthened, your back hunched. You go to finish off your opponent when suddenly, your controller disconnects. This is the nightmare that OtterBox is trying to eliminate with its upcoming Power Swap Controller Batteries.

The batteries feature a quick-release that allows you to swap them out quickly. A reserve battery sits inside the setup to make sure that your controller has a charge while you swap in a fresh battery.

The Power Swap Controller Batteries launch on June 15 and allow you to hot swap the batteries of your Xbox Wireless Controller. Once they launch, they'll be available through OtterBox and Amazon. They'll also be available through Microsoft, since they're part of the Designed for Xbox program (via TechRadar).

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Otterbox Swappable BatterySource: OtterBox

It's a bit of an ornate setup, considering that you can plug in an Xbox Wireless Controller while you use it. Swapping out batteries also doesn't take that long. But in a competitive setting or an intense game, you won't want to have to spend time swapping in new batteries and reconnecting your controller.

The setup could also be nice for people who are on the go and away from a plug. Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controllers are some of the best controllers for Xbox Cloud Gaming. With a hot-swappable battery from OtterBox, you'll be able to game on the go nonstop. If you are on the move with your Xbox Controller, you may want to grab some off OtterBox's other gaming accessories, like a phone clip.