When people go on vacation, they frequently set up an automated "Away from work" message for incoming emails. Soon, users of Microsoft's Outlook.com email site, along with Office 365 subscribers with Outlook on the web, will be able to do much more than that

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

One of the most common things you do before taking time off is block time on your calendar so people know you are going to be away. Now, when you set your automatic reply, select the option Block your calendar and Outlook on the web will create an appointment for the duration of your automatic reply. When a colleague looks up for your availability with the Scheduling Assistant, they'll see you as Away.

In addition, Outlook.com users will be able to clear any meetings on their calendar that are being held while they are away with the option of either declining them or cancelling the meeting outright. Finally, any new invites that are send for meetings and events during the vacation time period can be automatically declined.

The new calendar features have begun their rollout and will be available for all Office 365 users of Outlook on the web, and on Outlook.com, in the next couple of weeks.

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