Path of Exile

What you need to know

  • Path of Exile is an incredibly popular console and PC action game.
  • It's getting an expansion and mobile port soon.
  • A sequel, Path of Exile 2, was also announced a day ago.
  • Path of Exile is a free-to-play game on consoles and PC.

Path of Exile is an incredibly popular Diablo-like action game and recently, developer Grinding Gear Games announced the sequel which lets you carry over your character and cosmetic purchases. However, that wasn't all. An expansion, called Conquerors of the Atlas also made an appearance. However, the highlight for me had to be the announcement of a mobile game for Android and iOS devices.

The Conquerors of the Atlas expansion promises to overhaul the endgame by adding five new bosses. This should keep players coming back for me. However, the real star of the show had to be Path of Exile: Mobile. According to Grinding Gear Games, it's a complete game with no pay-to-win mechanics. Again, it'll probably be supported by cosmetic microtransactions just like its console and PC counterparts.

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Are you excited to play Path of Exile on your mobile device? Let us know. The original is one of the rare free-to-play games that doesn't feature pay-to-win mechanics. I've mostly just bought pets and cool outfits and absolutely love them because they allow you to express your individuality.