Windows 10 People app has a fancy new icon that follows Fluent Design

People Icon Lede
People Icon Lede (Image credit: Sean Endicott/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The People app on Windows 10 has a new icon.
  • The icon meets Microsoft's Fluent Design guidelines.
  • Microsoft is rolling out new icons to all of its apps.

Yet another Microsoft app has a new icon. This time, it's the People app that's getting the Fluent Design treatment (via OnMSFT. The new icons previously rolled out to Insiders and is now generally available through the Microsoft Store. The new app follows the Fluent Design guidelines that Microsoft is using for all its apps.

The new People app icon has the same blue background that many of the refreshed app icons have. It also has people in three shades of blue. Those same shades are used in other app icons, including the Your Phone app. The People app icon also gained person, bringing the total to three people in the icon. The old icon had two people in it, which is almost a person icon at that point.

Microsoft continues to roll out new icons to apps as it marches towards a unified set of icons across all platforms and services.

To get the new icon, check for an update in the Microsoft Store. The People app is built into Windows 10 and can't be uninstalled, so it should already be on your system.

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  • People app is still lacking group contact
  • ...and again, it also lacks not messing up all my contacts by decoupling linked contacts with every update it receives. I am all happy that now it will happen again due to a new icon that will make my life change for sure.
  • Agreed! Very frustrating, especially considering the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app had contact group support, and they were supposedly THE SAME APP! It really annoys me that I have to use the web version when using contact groups when it is such an fundamental feature for a contacts app.
  • I thought the people app had vanished, what good is it?
  • That was the People Bar, this is pretty much simply an address book as you'd find on your phone.
  • Yet the app itself is still a cesspool of confusing design decisions and weird animations
  • Yeah, they kind of ruined it and it's been 2,5 years already.
  • Yep, fancy app, software and syncing contacts and not messing them up could be much better. It's a lot of work to clean up contact lists from several accounts and merging contacts in people. And most annoyingly adding images from the app from the people app are not saved. So after a system refresh, reinstall and repopulating contacts to account All the images are gone! They are not saved to the csv file. Face-palm in 2020. Only option is adding them one by one via the account through the browser. But that defeats the point of adding contacts through the app. As far as I can remember this problem had persisted since Windows phone 8. Amazed Microsoft still let this issue slide after so many years and tons of feedback.
    I miss people hub slot. Was lovely to have contacts social media in one app. With email and phone/SMS it would have been heaven. But hey software is complex and apparently seperating features in countless seperate apps, to keep customers and end users busy with switching apps is the norm. Oh well.