Ahead of its impending release on Xbox One and Windows 10 today, Microsoft has debuted a deliciously retro-feeling launch trailer for Phantom Dust. If you're ready to stoke the hype machine with a bit of original Xbox nostalgia, give the trailer a look below:

In a surprise announcement just yesterday, Microsoft revealed Phantom Dust will be available completely free for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Though it's more of a re-release than a remaster, Phantom Dust will nonetheless include a number of enhancements over the 2004 original. Acievements are on board, along with Xbox Play Anywhere support, cross-device multiplayer, and a 16x9 presentation. Game balance has also been tweaked, and DLC is expected to be released for the game over time.

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The game should go up for download on both platforms before the day is out, so you can expect to jump in before too long. For now, you can familiarize yourself with the game and how to play with a separate video recently released by Microsoft Studios.