Create is a simple way to spruce up your Mixer streams is a networking tool for gamers and streamers that is starting to branch out and become a platform in its own right. Earlier this year, we took a look at a desktop app for Windows that makes it really easy to stream from your PC.

Player Create is a new tool that pulls in one of the parent company, SplitMedia Labs' other properties, Strexm.

What's it all about?

Player Create

Strexm was a tool that was designed to help Twitch streamers produce high-quality overlays for their broadcasts with minimal fuss. The drag-and-drop editor was simple to use, and there was always a large number to choose from. Some were free, others were not, but always there was choice and quality.

Now, that tool has been folded into, but more importantly, Mixer support has been added. The overlay itself is just a web URL which could always be used, but the interactive elements require the service to talk to Mixer to work.

Now Mixer streamers have another tool at their disposal to make a professional looking broadcast.

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Free and simple to use

Player Create

All of the good stuff from the Strexm editor has made it to Player Create. That's because Player Create is actually Strexm v2, an update teased for some time. If you want the absolute easiest way to get going, then you'll want to choose from the extensive library of pre-made overlays.

Player Create has a bunch of game-themed overlays that tie into what you're going to be streaming. If you're a PUBG streamer, there's something for you. Likewise if you're into Halo 5, GTA V, Doom, Call of Duty and a host of other games.

All you have to do is pick one, tell it which service you're streaming on, and make sure your account is linked. You'll need this for live notifications such as subscribers and followers, as well as any widgets you have keeping track of goals.

All the widgets you add can be dragged and dropped into the positions where you want them, as well as being resizeable, and naturally, you can change the labels to suit your own personal needs.

Player Create

It isn't just in-game, either. Player Create has templates for you to create a waiting screen at the start of your streams, as well as an intermission if you decide to take a break (and you definitely should once in a while).

The principle is exactly the same: Choose a template you like, and then add and move the bits you need to where you want them.

Or, you can start from scratch if you're feeling particularly creative. Regardless of which way you go, adding new bits is as easy as picking them from a drop-down menu and moving them to where you want them.

Once you're happy with your overlays you can take them for a preview run in the browser to make sure everything is working as you want. Then it's simply a case of copying the unique URLs into your broadcast software like XSplit or OBS.

More than just overlays

Player Create

As with other tools, like Streamlabs, it's not just about the sexy overlays on your stream. Player Create has some basic tools for monitoring your stream's activity, as well as giving you an outlet to set up tipping.

Tipping is fairly straightforward. You need a PayPal account to accept the money, you can set the parameters for the tips, and then folks can send you money via your profile. So it's probably a good idea to have this linked in your Mixer profile somewhere.

Your Create dashboard is also an easy way to see new subscribers and followers, along with other stream stats like viewers, peak, and hosts, and you can even interact with your chat. The idea is that is your stream command center, giving you everything you'll want to keep an eye on in one handy place.

Bottom line

Player Create

While eventually this will all no doubt be folded into the Windows app, it's already an impressive debut for Create through the browser. is a growing platform and there's lots more to come, but for streamers who want to up their game with minimal fuss, Create is one of the easiest tools you can use.

It's not unique, but thankfully by integrating Mixer for the first time, folks streaming on Microsoft's platform are getting more choice. Choice is never a bad thing.

Get started for free by visiting the homepage.

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