PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) hits 5 million Xbox One players

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was 2017's biggest game, and while it has slipped out of the spotlight due to competing clone Fortnite, it still enjoys a vast player base that many modern multiplayer games can only dream of. Today, Microsoft revealed that PUBG has now hit 5 million players on Xbox, and revealed a cosmetic jacket DLC to celebrate.

The PUBG5 will be awarded for free to all players who own and have activated a character on Xbox One before March 22, 2018.

Microsoft also hailed the continued improvements to the game, having recently released a new patch, while detailing an extensive roadmap of upcoming plans for the game.

If you're interested in getting involved, the game is available for $30 on Xbox One and PC.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

Jez Corden is the Managing Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Awesome game. 5 million in 3 months.
  • Better than fortnite. They just need to ramp up the development a bit more
  •'s not better than fortnite. Not by a long shot. I'm hoping one day it is
  • At the moment, they're two different games.
    One is near simulation, one is a cartoon.
  • The near simulation runs like a joke and is full of bugs. The other is flawless and smooth.
  • On December at release it did, issues have diminished to minor bugs at this point. And Fortnite has a several month head start. Besides, the games are about comparable as Battlefield and Minecraft.
  • Fortnite isn't realistic with Nintendo cartoon graphics. I like my shooters to be realistic. I played both deleted fortnite been stuck on pubg
  • If I wanted to play a game with cartoon graphics i'd get a Nintendo Switch. I prefer games with realistic graphics. 
  • totally different games. even with a few frame issues id rather play PUBG. Better inventory items. Bigger maps. Better maps and vehicles. Also none of the stupid resource and building rubbish. 
  • Kinda agree with you, the building thing implementation is actually sorta annoying.