Poll: Are you preordering Microsoft's Xbox One X standard edition?

The very first Xbox One X preorders went live last month, for the "Project Scorpio" edition, which is mostly the same console with a few minor design tweaks. Project Scorpio Xbox One X consoles sold out very quickly though, and until today, it was unclear when the standard edition would be listed for preorder. Thankfully, we now know more Xbox One X preorders (opens in new tab) should be available today … though it's still not clear when exactly, and the timing may vary based on your location.

Regardless, Microsoft tells us it'll happen today, so we're confident today is the day. Many of us already preordered Project Scorpio Xboxes — and based on a previous poll, lots of you did too. But if you missed out, do you plan to preorder today? Send off your vote in the poll below, and then hit the forum link to elaborate on why you're pulling the trigger today, or why you're not.

Soooooo, you preordering Xbox One X standard edition?

Where to preorder Microsoft's Xbox One X

Xbox One X consoles will start at $499 in the U.S., with UK and European pricing set at £449 and €499 respectively. All consoles should ship later this year, with a release date currently set for November 7, 2017.

Note: The preorder links will go live at different times per region, but all should go live today at some point.




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