Poll: Do you like the way the Surface Earbuds look?

Surface Earbuds on table
Surface Earbuds on table (Image credit: Windows Central)

At the big Microsoft Surface event today, Redmond revealed its long-rumored Surface Earbuds, complete with some nifty productivity features. Similar to the Bluetooth headsets of old, the Surface Earbuds are an ideal hands-free kit, complete with dictation, Office 365 connectivity features, and gesture controls. However, some have already been raising eyebrows over how they look.

When you're wearing something, visuals tend to become more important to people. Apple's AirPods have been the target of various memes and jokes since they were revealed, but have since become pretty common to see in public.

The success of the Surface Earbuds will probably depend on their quality and functionality, just like any product. But if we're going off looks alone, how do you feel about them? Vote in our poll, let us know.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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