Power Keyboard for Nokia Lumia 2520 now in stock at Microsoft Store online

Those who ordered Nokia Lumia 2520 tablets in the U.S. a few months ago have recently received their free Power Keyboards. If you missed out on the deal but still want the keyboard, you can now order it at the Microsoft Store online. It costs $149 with free shipping.

The Nokia Power Keyboard for the Lumia 2520 provides a physical keyboard input, an extra 2027 mAh battery, touch pad, and two full-sized USB ports. It also acts as a protective case for your Lumia 2520.

The Nokia Power Keyboard has arrived in U.K. stores just a couple of weeks ago. We’re glad that they’re now in stock in the United States. Currently, we only see the black keyboard. No other colors are listed.

Are you buying the Power Keyboard for your Nokia Lumia 2520? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, bdander!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • That cyan 2520 again...
  • Lol missed 1st
  • Just used mine all day for work and travel. Absolutely amazing accessory.
  • If only it didn't run R.T it would be the perfect match for me!
  • This whole running RT is getting old. This thing is absolutely perfect and issues of it being RT is zero
  • Well he obviously does need a full version of windows and nothing like and ios or android tablet
  • RT is fine for SOME people. It isn't for me. I need sublime text, putty, and various other IDE
    /command lines for my school and work programming, none of which would run on RT. And thats just one thing. So yea, if only it wasn't RT will still be valid. I bought a surface pro for $499 during the sale rather than one of these because it runs RT. And I'll probably pick up a SP3 in October or whenever, again because I can't use a tablet that doesn't have full windows
  • I am using all kinds off command line, console and terminal tools it's all available. Got rid of my surface pro to get a rt tablet. If necessary, I jus do a remote desktop  to my admin workstation - or teamviewer. it is like working on the tablet - perfect integration. Super quick, enduring and secure.
  • Putty is in beta. There are other RT terminal apps, I have one called SSH-RT by Vascade that works well. No, you cannot dev on a tablet. But neither can you on an iPad. Its not a dev machine. But soccer mum and lots of people who whine about RT haven't grasped its beauty and often (even as you just did) whine about something missing, that well, isn't missing. Its much more complete than most people realise / appreciate.    
  • Then buy a W8 version tablet. You obviously know the difference. Your comment was pointless.
  • How was it pointless? Aitt said the 2520 was perfect, which would imply no flaws, and I pointed out a clear flaw that would affect some people, hence making the argument "I would buy it if it didnt run RT" valid for some people, which is all that the original poster was saying.
    I know RT isn't for me. I don't mind that. RT is for people like my younger sister who is going to high school and just got a surface 2. I was arguing against aitt implying that RT did work for everyone, which it doesn't. Unless you mean RT is perfect, unless it doesn't have something you need.
    Not really sure why you're trying to troll me for raising a legitimate flaw in response to an "RT has zero issues" comment. I didnt even flame him or anything. I'm not anti Microsoft in any way, so I don't know what you want to prove.
    I don't understand why people are always hated for disliking RT. It isn't a bad operating system, but it has been almost universally criticized for one thing - dropping support for traditional programs without making it clear to the consumer. That creates a marketing problem, and it *certainly* gives it more than zero issues to a programmer (to examine a single usage scenario). Just because I know it has flaws doesn't mean I hate Microsoft. The problem with RT is you don't NEED that choice. Bay trail is just as fast and can run desktop apps, should you choose to do so. And if you don't and treat it like a tablet, well it works just like RT, no bloat necessary. But you still have the option.
  • You realize the RT is meant to compete against the iPad right? Can you do those things on an iPad or Android tablet? No, so he was correct in saying your post is worthless. If you want to do those things then go and buy a Surface 2 Pro. And RT is good, unless you don't realize that Microsoft offers multiple tiers and don't do your homework on which tier you need. Do your homework before you speak again please.
  • Did I say an iPad could or couldn't? No, I didnt. It doesn't matter what RT was intended to compete with. In a world where bay trail devices cost the same, it competes with both windows 8 and mobile OS's. Otherwise what then is bay trail competing with? Full blown ultrabooks? That doesn't make any sense, given that it shares form factor and performance with tablets. But if it competes with iOS, which it does, why is it not competing with RT? And technically, while I am not positive, I bet you can get a suitable command line that can connect to a Linux server in android. Not positive but I wouldn't be surprised. The only reason RT lives is because there isn't a surface 2 with bay trail. I'm not saying RT is useless. I did my homework. If you read my post you'd know that. My sister has a surface two. It makes sense for a lot of people. But saying that RT is perfect is not a true statement. The REASON you say "get a surface pro 2 instead you dumbass" is because RT doesn't serve my needs. If RT did, there would be no flaw that I am addressing. Why are there "zero" issues with RT if I can't use it for a fairly common use case? Not just programmers, RT is dead for most any business user I would think. Certainly not all, but many. Of course the solution is to "get windows 8" but my entire POINT which you guys have missed amid your trolling is that by having to say "get windows 8" you're admitting there is a hole in RT. Namely, it can't do something common that windows 8 can do. Of COURSE iOS and android have the same issue. If you need actual productive programming, you need a mac, Linux, or most often windows machine. Thats a flaw wih them too. Everyone here talks about it. But to say that isn't a flaw of windows 8 and say that I'm just not made for RT is silly, when you would call productivity a huge flaw of iOS in the same sentence. There is no reason you can't have the best of both worlds - and that is evidenced by the tens of bay trail tablets and notebooks, and the one surface 2. If surface 2 had bay trail, I guarantee id have recommended it to 4-6 people in the past few months instead of 2-3.
  • Who are you arguing with? We get it. There is a difference between Pro and 2. I know, I've had both. (And Bay Trail tablets/hybrids) Your logic is flawed. If you want to advise your friends get a Bay Trail tablet, then advise them to get one with Pro, which has none of the "limitations" you seem to revel in. You've kind of lost coherency on your point. RT fills the same niche as an iPad or a Nexus Tab. I agree the original post was pointless. Its like complaining a Couple car has 2 doors. Well it does, and we know the other cars that have 4 days. Leave it at that. Knocking RT for what it isn't is so tedious.  
  • Are you kidding me? You're comparing a $300 tablet to a $1,000. You're drunk. Go home.
  • RTroll
  • Cool
  • How about the one for the surface? :-/
  • +925. How the heck long are we supposed to wait for that? Until the Surface 4 comes out?
  • It is a bit odd. I mean its a keyboard with a battery in it. Why is this so difficult? Maybe they're adding backlighting?
  • Is there suppose to be one coming? I don't see how the stand would sit flush on the ground with a power keyboard seeing it would raise it off the surface more.
  • It's just built out more so the keyboard is higher like the first gen type keyboard. The hinge/connection to the surface is still as thin.
  • I'm considering getting the 2525 tomorrow from the AT&T store. Would love the surface but I need lte
  • 2525? Lemme know if you get it!
  • Typo maybe. Haha lol
  • Wait a few more months, att rep told me that there gonna have the surface soon. If true it'll probably be on April. Not stopping you from buying the 2520 cause its a great piece of machine but I assume you want the surface cause of the kickstand like everyone else.
  • Hmm I might wait then. If true I assume we should here something over the next month
  • Surface 2 was confirmed to be receinving an LTE version in the early part of this year, way be when they released the Surface 2.
  • Get it from Microsoft store, the tablet is selling for $399 now.
  • Sucks that I missed the Free Keyboard promotion; but good to know that I can buy it come later for my note-taking and blogging while at work and at school. :) YAY!
  • It shouldn't as I still have received my three from Verizon. I'm tempted to just order them from the Microsoft store
  • Yeah I'll pick one up using a Poetic now
  • Yea I'm curious as well as to where the hell the Surface power keyboard is at.....  
  • Now if only they would releasse the tablet to more than 6 countries.
  • We can dream, or order it online and pray nothing's wrong with it.
  • Shift keys are too small. That's the first thing I noticed
  • Only the right shift key is too small. That was done so they could fit the cursor keys in an inverted T on such a small form factor. I'm learning to not hit up-arrow when using the right shift key.
  • Do they have it at the physical store itself. Because I work near one?
  • It says is "only for use with the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet for AT&T"... Could it be used with the Verizon version?
  • It would be really strange if it would not work properly seeing as they're identical aside from packaging. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • http://forums.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-2520/263105-confirmed-verizon-25... Been confirmed by other forum members to work
  • Love the power keyboard. Its innovation is top notch. I almost regretted passing on the surface 2 for this but man this tablet plus keyboard is solid. Can't believe still it was free considering its quality
  • you got your free keyboard?  
  • Yes. Got it like the first week of Feb. There's a whole thread on the forum that alot of people got there's
  • So Lumia 2520 will be forever exclusive to US, UK and... Russia?
  • .
  • When is the red keyboard available?
  • Half past never
  • When is the white lumia available even
  • What the heck?! When are they going to release the power keyboard for the Srface 2 and Pro 2?! It's one reason I bought the Pro 2.
  • Finally!!! Just got mine ordered, can't wait to receive it.
  • For those with a corp discount at ATT Wireless, the power keyboard is 50% off = $75. It was out of stock earlier today but in stock tonight. Ordered mine online.
  • Does this keyboard work on Verizon 2520? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • "Does this keyboard work on Verizon 2520? Posted via the WPC App for Android!"   Didn't even bother to read above.   YES!
  • Probably a bit off topic but i Just got yesterday my 2520 and i Just discovered there's no in build app of messaging.. Is there any way to download it or should I go for a 3rd party app
  • I have had four of these keyboards & sadly every single one developed a fault. Main fault was just not connecting to the tablet so they were virtually useless. Shame I now have a tablet that I can't use for running Microsoft Office & updating websites. It needs a keyboard!
  • Where can I buy the Nokia 2520 Power Keyboard in the Philippines.