PowerToys now listed in Windows 11 Microsoft Store

Windows 11 Storenew Dark Surfacebook
Windows 11 Storenew Dark Surfacebook (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's PowerToys is now available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.
  • PowerToys is an app with a collection of features geared towards power users.
  • An experimental video conference mute feature recently rolled out to PowerToys.

Microsoft's PowerToys is a popular app among power users on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Now, the app is also available through the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. Previously, PowerToys was only available for download through GitHub or by using a package manager such as winget.

PowerToys is a collection of tools aimed at power users of Windows. It includes nine utilities at the moment, including PowerRename, an image resizer, and a quick launcher called PowerToys Run. Microsoft recently rolled out an experimental video conference mute feature to PowerToys in version 0.46.0.

Some of the features in PowerToys inspired functionality in Windows 11. For example, PowerToys has a FancyZones feature for window management and snapping. Some aspects of FancyZones have been worked into Windows 11 as native functionality.

Despite being in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, PowerToys uses its own installer. This is possible because the new Microsoft Store allows developers to submit unpackaged Win32 apps. The app won't automatically install through the Microsoft Store and requires some additional permissions to work.

Since announcing Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Store, there's been an increased emphasis on getting Microsoft's own apps into it. Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code arrived in the Microsoft Store in August 2021. Microsoft Edge is also listed in the Microsoft Store, and we expect Microsoft Teams to be listed in the future.

Sean Endicott
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