Fans of Mortal Kombat X will soon be able to play another movie-based character. A few weeks after Jason Voorhees, the slasher character from the Friday The 13th films, was added, the Predator will be included in the game's fighter lineup starting on Tuesday, July 7 for people who have paid for the Kombat Pack.

Yes, that means you will be able to control the mandible-based alien who loves to kill for sport, with a variety of gadgets perfect for cutting open bodies or perhaps ripping out their spinal columns. In addition to the character itself, three new character skins will be released: Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion and Jax made up to look like Carl Weathers's Dillon character from the first Predator film.

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If you have not purchased the Kombat Pack, the Predator character will go on sale on its own for $4.99 on July 11, with the three character skins sold for $3.99, or you can get both Predator and character skins for $7.99. Mortal Kombat X is currently on sale for $44.99 on the Xbox One for people who have paid Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

Source: Mortal Kombat (YouTube)