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Laptop backpack
Laptop backpack (Image credit: Windows Central)

It's a pain to get packed and ready to head out the front door for the weekend or a well-earned holiday, but there are times where you either forget something or could use a specific piece of kit. Amazon UK currently has a few solid deals underway on a bunch of products that we feel you should consider taking with you.

Oria Travel Charger Adapter

Oria Travel Adapter

It's difficult for us to travel anywhere without taking a travel adapter alongside our electronic devices. They really are a must-have, especially if you plan to go abroad. This travel adapter from Oria is just £10.99 at the moment and allows for power transfer in countries that include the U.S., UK, Europe, Australia, China, and more. Four USB ports are at hand, which can boost up to a 22W/4.4A for quick charge sessions.

As an added bonus, this unit, in particular, can automatically identify connected devices to deliver the optimal charging current, ensuring faster and more efficient charging without causing damage.

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TechCorp Premium Qi Wireless Charger

TechCorp Qi Charger

If you happen to own a smartphone that supports wireless charging (like the fantastic Lumia 950) then you could upgrade your charging methods and remove unnecessary cabling. Simply hook this thing up to your travel adapter in the hotel room and you now have a pad whereby leaving the smartphone atop will charge it up. This is ideal as you're no longer wearing out the port by plugging and unplugging the USB cable.

Not bad for £9.

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Mpow Waterproof Case

Mpow Waterproof Case

"It'll never happen to me," says anyone who hears about a holiday maker dropping their phone in water. Thing is, it could happen to you. This is where waterproof cases come into play, including this solution from Mpow. It takes things further by allowing for a smartphone to be taken deep down with protection for up to 100 feet. Sporting a dual swivel lock and sealable closure clip design even allows for sports like diving, swimming, surfing.

What makes this worth the £8.99 alone is the ability to record underwater footage of family members learning to swim or catching cool moments for social media.

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SEGURO Smart Android Projector


This is probably the accessory that you least require, but could do with having for including everyone in media consumption. It's an Android-powered mini-projector. Forget the HDMI cable for hotel TV screens, point this unit to a free wall or flat surface, hook it up to an available outlet, connect to your portable device and you've just created a small theater for family and friends to enjoy.

It's a little pricey at £94.99, but should you wish to take the holiday to the next level, this is a fun toy.

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Also, here's some offers you'll absolutely want to keep note of:

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