Prepare your Xbox avatar for World of Warcraft's next expansion with a set of Legion Warglaives

If you're pumped for the upcoming launch of World of Warcraft's next expansion, Legion, you can now bring a bit of that hype to your Xbox avatar with the Legion Warglaives prop. Snagging the free prop will outfit your avatar like a proper demon hunter with an appropriately fel-green warglaive in each hand.

While World of Warcraft may never make its way to Xbox, this is still a pretty cool way to inject a bit of flavor from the game's next expansion into your console. If you're interested, you can hit up the Xbox Marketplace link below to grab your free prop and start slaying demons with your Xbox avatar. Do note, however, that we've run into issues grabbing the prop outside of the U.S., so there's a chance this prop may be limited by region.

See at the Xbox Marketplace

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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