Preview movies in the Netflix Mobile app

Here's a little gem that mostly slipped past the first run-through of the Netflix Mobile application (though one of our our eagle-eyed commenters spotted it - thanks, joeg!): Some movies in Netflix's library offer a trailer preview directly through the app onto your phone.

It's a little hit and miss as to which movies have the preview, so you'll just have to hunt around. But it's a nice feature in what is a very well-put together Windows Mobile application. If you haven't already, go get it here (opens in new tab).

My Philly Network (via Engadget Mobile)

Phil Nickinson

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  • LOL PIL, Nice movie choice!
  • I got a bunch of my friends to install this app -- we all somehow missed this feature until I read about it here. The app authors definitely need to make it more visible. Awesome app of course.
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