Previous Gears of War players will get some bonus items when they buy Gears of War 4

If you have played any of Microsoft's previous Gears of War games, you will get a couple of extra in-game bonuses when you purchase and play the newest title in the sci-fi shooter series, Gears of War 4.

Microsoft revealed those bonus items in a post on the Gears of War message boards:

EXCLUSIVE LEGACY EMBLEM - The 'First Wave' Emblem is waiting for you now in the Customization menu, featuring a Gear carrying a old COG banner under a new dawn. This special Emblem is exclusive to fans who have played previous Gears games.BONUS OPERATIONS PACK - Eligible Legacy players also receive a bonus Operations Packs! These Packs contain 1 guaranteed customization item and 4 cards of any type. These will be sent via Xbox Live message - redeem the code provided to claim your pack. Codes expire December 31st 2016.

These extras are available for Gears of War players who have a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription, or if they are a free Xbox Live Silver member that has signed onto the service within the last 12 months. The codes for the Operations Pack have started rolling out and will continue for the next week, so you may not get it immediately.

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John Callaham