Project CARS 3 has a new trailer and is set to release in Summer 2020

Project Cars 3
Project Cars 3 (Image credit: Slightly Mad Studios)

What you need to know

  • Project CARS is a series of racing games developed by Slightly Mad Studios.
  • Project CARS 3 has been officially revealed with a new trailer.
  • Project CARS 3 is set to release sometime in Summer 2020.

While we've known for a couple of years that a new Project CARS was in development, the developers at Slightly Mad Studios has officially revealed their new project. Project CARS 3 is coming, with hundreds of different cars for players to tweak and tinker with. You can take a look at the official trailer for Project CARS 3 below.

There's no exact release date right now but Project CARS 3 is coming to Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. It's set to arrive sometime in Summer 2020.



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