PSA: Microsoft's free 15 GB OneDrive Camera Roll promo likely ends October 31

Microsoft's free 15 GB offer of additional storage space on OneDrive is likely coming to an end this week. The company told us via a Twitter message that it believes that the 15 GB freebie will stop on Friday, October 31.

Microsoft offered the 15 GB of extra space back in September for OneDrive iOS, Android and Windows Phone app owners who activated their Camera Roll feature to store their smartphone images automatically. While those folks already enrolled won't lose that additional storage past Friday, anyone else who signs up for the Camera Roll feature after October 31 won't be able to get that extra amount of space.

As a result, instead of the combined 30 GB of free storage, new users will have to settle for 15 GB, unless Microsoft extends the offer. So far, Microsoft is mum on whether or not they will continue the promotion past Friday.

Of course, Microsoft has also announced this week their plan to provide an unlimited amount of OneDrive cloud storage if you get a paid Office 365 subscription. That offer is certainly harder to resist.

Do you back up your photos with OneDrive? If not, what do you use instead?

Source: OneDrive on Twitter

John Callaham