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Purchase the Lumia 950 XL and get a Lumia 950 for free in Canada

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Update: The deal is also now live for those in the United States.

There's a pretty neat deal on the Lumia 950 XL currently available to those who reside in Canada. Should you pick up the Windows 10 Mobile handset directly from Microsoft, the company will also give you a free Lumia 950. Both handsets are SIM-free and unlocked.

As spotted by Neowin, this promotion will run until May 1, though availability will be subject to demand. Should you be on the hunt for a new Windows-powered smartphone, this may well be the deal for you.

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Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Why not in Sweden? :-(
  • Wtf :| why only US seriously and such a month watering deal :P I think I should contact my relatives in US to buy one XD
  • This is canada only, it is not available in the USA!
  • I'm just interested with the 950. Would sell the XL half the price
  • Wanna go halfsies? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Let's go 50-50 on it!
  • Canada is not in the US. It is it's own country. You might need to retake some goegraphy courses there :)
  • Well you can't blame folks, the article originally claimed it was for US too (they didn't check before they wrote it).
  • Canadians = Americans with intelligence and sufficient geographical knowledge to know where many countries are overseas! LOL
  • not so intelligent post either. :/
  • Canadians are Canadians.  Americans are Americans.  We are not the same.  We have a Pm who is a very liberal PM and the US is about to elect that fool Donaldf Trump to build walls from Mexico and not allow Muslims in.  Canada has a turbaned Sikh as its Millitary Commander. 
  • Canadians are Americans in the same sense as Germans and French are Europeans.
  • I know of no Canadians that refer themselves as Americans.  Amerticans refer us as Canadians. Coast to Coast to Coast we are Canadians.  People who live in the USA refer themselves and only themselves as Americans.   
  • I refer to Canadian Americans and Mexican Americans in that manner when I want to mention it (geographically speaking it would be correct since its all the Americas) but normally that's too much to type :).  When typying I normally refer to the US Americans (us) as US and leave it at that.
  • Sorry about your luck pal, being Canadian and all...
  • Actually proud Canadian.  Why is it that Americans want to move to Canada after Trump wins?  Why do Americans put Canadian flags on theier backpaclks when they travel?
  • And health insurance. And Trudeau instead of Trump ;-)
  • You like pretty boy, ha, you must be gay.
  • Lol ask a millennial what provinces there are & they'll claim Alaska is part of canada
  • Lmao, I can confirm this is indeed true. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • biggest dummy here is Mad Cabbie and Dhruv Manchanda. By the way, I am a proud Canadian :) Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • A Canadian thinks the same or?
  • Har ju sjunkit med nästan 2000 kr annars :) Men en gratis är ju inte helt fel det inte :)
  • Jaa riktigt bra deal Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fast det är fortfarande en skittelefon utan appar eller fokus från moderbolaget... Ååhh vad jag saknar tiden när Microsoft visade lite fokus för mobilerna!  L925 (WP8.0/8.1) + Surface Pro 1 (W 8/8.1), det var tider det!)
  • Saknar windows phone enorm nu när jag gått över till android. Överblicken på wp är oslagbar!
  • so ... they give away their phones in markets that do not want them while ignoring those where they actually had a chance of getting somehwere ... what else is new? my personal suspicion: the zombie apocalypse has happened in redmond and zombies ate the brains of everyone in the marketing and sales department. it is astonishing, microsoft is the only major company that can have an excellent product that has really nice unique features and still fail utterly by behaving in ways so random, planless and illogical it would put every village idiot to shame.
  • I agree, the way ppl love Lumia here(Ghana) yet MS pay little attention to it.
    From Blarney's NL830 windows central windows 10 app
  • the answer to your questions is very simple. good harware vs crap software & no quality/apps. Tadaa
  • If you're in NA and you still haven't jumped onto a new Windows phone, then this is the time, I guess. Or maybe time for presents to yourself and your significant other? :P I'd buy them for my parents actually, but I'm in Germany. :/ Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Shell XPS 13
  • NA is not Canada.  Microsoft must have too much inventory of Lumia 950/950 XLs stuck in Canada.  I don't see the deal in the Microsoft Store for U.S.
  • I thought that it was also available in the US, because the article initially stated so.
  • Actually Canada is a part of North America. Although no one really cares for Continents any more.
  • My invoice shows the phones are listed as BackOrdered.
  • Perfect, my brother can finally upgrade his 1520 to a 950xl and I can split the cost with him to get a 950 for elmira
  • They want to get rid of all the Lumia's phone.
  • Yes in an interview microsoft executive said a lot of inventory if piled up !!!
  • Why all the dislikes? This is obviously to clear stock, hopefully so they have something bigger and better to put in their place.
  • Yeah, like androids and iphones.
  • Go trolling somewhere else please...
  • butthurt?
  • Maybe Microsoft car?
  • Then why not make it a worldwide deal, they'll get rid of them faster hmmm
  • :) Blarney's NL83
  • then they will be required to charge you for shipping and export fees. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • On a serious note, they actually have a lot of inventory left in their factories, so yes they really do want to get rid of all that Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You might think that this was the case, except some of the US carriers were offering buy one get one free on the Galaxy S7 right after it launched. It's just a random sale, and a good one at that. A better way to "get rid of" all the inventory is to significantly reduce prices.
  • Well this is a significant reduction in price and helps "get rid of" 2 phones with every order instead of one.
  • Even better: It generates two users instead of one...
  • The second one isn't free. You are stuck in an expensive contract. It is much different if they are unlocked! You can't even find this deal for th GS6.
  • I thought d article stayed their both unlocked Blarney's NL83
  • The GS7 the carrier's were advertising. These are definitely unlocked. Microsoft can't seem then any other way. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's free and unlock it said so in the email I received in my order.
  • I am talking about the GS7 deal someone mentioned. Those are not unlocked. These 950s definitely are. You cannot even get a locked 950xl in the US. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • US and Canada only. Why????? Posted with my busted 535
  • Did you seriously believe anything else
  • canada only
  • Just ordered, it's US also.  Just go to MS Store website.
  • Is it "With my ....." Or "From my...."? Lol
  • Link appears to be for canada only, do you have a US link?
  • Yea can't seem to find it on the use store. This plus trade in, possible sell the second on ebay could be a free phone
  • Yup
  • If you sell the xl, it might be a free 950. Posted from my 8088 PC running MS-DOS 2
  • My Altair 8000 trumps your 8086 PC :P
  • Commodore PET rules all.
  • Down Under next in line. .? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • India too?
  • I guess to save the rapid decline of marketshare in the EU was not considered with this offer. typical microsoft we try our own country first philosophy 
  • Indeed 
  • This is also available in the US. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I guess you could then sell 950 afterwards. And buy band 2
  • Or if you already have a Band_1 or 2, deposit the cash & wait until the Band_3's out :)
  • Or you just give the second one to a relative or as a gift to your girlfriend...
  • Or to me Posted via the Windows Central App for Android only because the screen on my 1520 broke.
  • Microsoft Mobile closure announcement coming soon..
  • Is that you DJCBS?? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (5x or V10)
  • Nope, vhyr is much more single minded.
  • To be honest, I actually feel he/she is right. How long more can we keep in denying this fact, that Windows Vista home and Phone is dead/dying miserably since! Lumia 930? Not a single phone launched after Lumia 1520 has tried it seriously to revive their business. So yes, they would be gone by the year's end. May be, even earlier. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah they should've done something more during the WP8/8.1 years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (5x or V10)
  • Sorry, I don't know where did that Vista come from? I only wrote Windows Phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Zuk Z1 which I am loving so far.
  • 1520 never launched in canada.  lets get it right.  1020 was last. untill 830.
  • That's even sadder. Also, I very strongly believe that WP 8.1 was their Mobile OS till date. Yes it has some bugs here and there but it wasn't like they couldn't have been fixed with some software updates. MS could have really done some wild crazy experimentation with WP 8.1 if they just pulled up their sleeves, but instead they simply panicked and did the same old mistake they have been doing for the last 5 years i.e, a new OS from point Zero with big claims. Now please don't tell me they were planning for one big Universal Windows 10 by doing this, as in the September/October this year, this claim will be 2 years old already, and from where I can see, there are no signs of that Win 10 Universal OS happening anytime soon. Infact if we are totally honest(and quit denying MS's failure), as I mentioned before, Windows 10 Mobile will be dead already at the end of this year. And MS and MS only is to blame for this failure, as I can't remember a single handset after Lumia 1520 that really tried to reinvigorate Microsoft's smartphone business, especially Lumia 950 and 950 XL when HP just showed to the world with Elite X3 how a truly flagship smartphone is made without shouting any big claims.
  • No sale in the U.S yet only on the Canadian Microsoft site .
  • Who's buying and giving me for free???
  • You must be from India, Indian want everything for free, so cheap
  • Really? Which is why MSFT is giving away US$550 phone for free to Canadians and not Indians, right? At least get your English corrected before stereotyping anyone like a dumb d!ckhead. ¬_¬
  • You look to be someone who doesn't accept anything for free. So you should stay away from this page.
  • I'm not Indian but you should avoid saying something meaningless like this.
  • @Nitaino... He might be Indian. But this comment is definitely from a racist and not an American or Candian or whoever.
  • Haha haha that's y we Indians buy phones at full price unlike people in u.s :p Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Completely racist. Apparently only Canada are entitled to these type of offers? And if someone wants it in another country they "must be from India" because they want "everything for free". Nearly anyone would jump at the chance of a good offer if they can afford it, why did you have to try attach a stereotype to it. Pretty closed-minded aren't u? +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • It's not racism.  Maybe some manager at Microsoft sent too many 950/950 XLs to Canada.  Not enough Canadians are willing to pay full price so now it's time for a buy one, get one free sale. Everyone should hope the same Microsoft manager makes the same mistake in their region!  haha
  • No no you took the wrong meaning from my comment :) I was replying to @Nitaino after they made a racist remark. I have no problem with the offer being in a certain region, as long as it's not always in the same region (which to be honest I haven't seen any for Canada so fair enough).
  • OMG..
  • That deal is so suspicious. I think Microsoft will kill Windows 10 mobile but leave a Business Windows 10 mobile version for the new HP and Surface phone, maybe Acer Jade Primo, etc. I believe Lumia brand is dead. Microsoft will do the same thing as the PC World, just create the software and apps, apps than we all started to see on iOS/Google play stores.
  • Google Play store is launching on Chrome book is breaking news! 
  • ...and windows very likely too. But i do not get why this is more interesting than uwp. That is much more interesting.
  • Smart Bots and AI with new Smart Phones is where Microsoft are going. New devices this year and next so don't believe your own uninformed comment lol
  • You're right. The Lumia brand is dead. They are clearing out their stock of Lumia's to Win10Mobile fans so they have the inventory spare for the alleged Surface Phone in the late 2016 (or possibly mid 2017). So sure, the Lumia brand in the future is dead, but not the Win10mobile brand phones. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Non-existent? The market share or WindowsPhone/mobile may be low but all you're looking at is a low percentage. Have you even considered working out how much the market share percentage is in terms of amount of people? There are still 100's of thousands of people who use windows phone. In the UK alone I have seen alot of people on windows phone/mobile. Claiming that it is non-existent is quite close-minded if you don't even bother to work out how any people on average are actually on WinPhone. Just because Android and iOS have a higher percentage, does not mean WinPhone does not exist. MS just at the moment are not looking to gain new customers until theballegede Surface Phone
  • In reference to its competition it is non-existant. Hundreds of thousands isn't much when the competition is doing 100s of millions.
  • Definitely time to get shot of my own 950.
    W10M fire sale...time to jump ship
  • Hadn't you already jumped ship, according to you, pathetic drama queen?
  • With ur sugar momma
  • My 950 has been for sale for a number of days already...but v.little interest.
    I do like the camera, but everything else is shoddy.
  • Is Microsoft clearing their stock before launching Surface phones?
  • No the retailers are threatening MS to take back the unsold stock as they are increasing the inventory costs. MS obeviously do not wish to increase their stock of unsold phones. Therefore this scheme. Do not be surprised to see MS give away these phones at some excuse or the other in near future as well as the problem of low sales is going to haunt them for some time to come.
  • It's hard to sell something when you don't market it. Anyone have the US link?
  • This seems a desperate attempt.
  • Double your handset sales and market share......perhaps clever......
  • Doubling .005 is not exactly setting the world on fire.
  • Anyone here willing to give me the free phone? :) Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM
    Build 10.0.10586.218
  • Double your handset sales overnight! And thus market share! Oh, and clear stocks in time for a shutdown. I'd have been happy with a display dock since I bought the 950 on release date, but I guess times are more desperate than we thought! This isn't far from a fire sale! A 550 would be almost understandable, but giving a flagship away is pain ridiculous, from a financial point of view. I'd like to say those who haven't bought, do it now, but this smacks of death to the WM platform :( After getting the 650 for my missus a few weeks ago, I'm genuinely starting to worry that this time next year we'll both be using unsupported, obsolete and abandoned phones! The missus will kill me for converting her from android to windows Mobile!
  • Best of luck ;)
  • Do you really think that? You know they runs Windows 10, and they have certainly not abondon Windows 10. Mobile share the same code base.
  • No they do not run windows 10 ,they run windows 10 mobile,and wm10 can not run the same software as win10...and yes they did it once with the Surface RT ,they advertise it as Win8 device ,it miserably failed and got rid off their inventory by almost giving it for free to schools and EU countries.
  • Ms about mobile is dead, only fanboys still holding hope...
  • When in India? SERIOUSLY, Microsoft, WHEN Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • The rules of this site demand that you only write "Wen". Now seriously, we could make use of such an offer in our part of the world too.
  • "Wen in India?!" Corrected :P
    A creature of habit and profession I had to use correct grammar :D I'd go for this in a heartbeat. There may be a chance a friend of mine coming from Canada could get me this! Posted from Windows Central App
    Windows 10/Mobile, L830
  • That's insane! you can resell the Lumia 950 and get almost all the money spent for the 950XL back! If only Microsoft did this when i bought my Lumia 950XL....................
  • It's time to make some $$$....buying 10 sets of 950XL's with 950's and sell all of them.
  • You are a wall street guy, aren't you ? :
  • Nope...but you can make minimum 4K from 10 sets pretty fast.
  • Find a buyer lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol
  • Now make a tutorial explaining how to non canadian consumers can buy with this offer Posted from windows central app for windows 10 mobile
  • Why are these offer only limited to USA and Canada? It must be available all over the world
  • It is canada only not US
  • People are missing the point, you wont be able to resell anything because they aren't selling in the first place! Morons should have given us what we wanted in the first place, flagship phones that lived up to the name in every sense. So no thanks, rather have a 1520.
  • They did. 950 and XL are incredible phones. People that bash then have no idea what they're talking about. They don't solve the app gap, but the hardware is solid.
  • Creaky plastics, not solid unibody like L1520.
  • I had the 1520, I still have a 1020 (the latter's slightly more solid), & a SGN4; I don't find the 1020/SGN4 to be hugely less "creak prone" (if that's a thing -find it quite bizarre TBH) if I squeeze hard. I don't get these claims, & my 950XL manages being pretty-much as solid as my 1020, "whilst" allowing for removable storage & battery. If anything my SGN4 is less "creaky" than any Lumia that's come out, barring perhaps the 930, but the differences are pretty negligible, & it's really such a silly/subjective metric.
  • Mine's not creaking and while I think 1520 design was moderately better, changeable battery more than makes up for it
  • well i am a owner of 1520.1 and it's not just a unibody, it's unibody plastic sh*t... nokia failed at providing internal structure for display that big. camera stuff pushes to LCD from behind, creating a bright spot on display on white background. random touches instead of scroll / swipe are also pretty annoying. yet biggest issue with 1520 is, that it is not a dual sim, and has no younger brother/sister yet to upgrade for.
  • I would never buy a phone over 5" and from the beginning I really dislike the 950 design. So they are not incredible for me at all. Plus, the current W10 on mobile has lost the unique and beautiful experience of W8.1 and is too bare bones. I have been only Microsoft since my HTC HD but with the buggy and bare bone OS i will be getting an iPhone next month. I would love to come back to Microsoft so maybe they can design some descent phones as Nokia did and advance the OS experience. I will of course be keeping my SP3, that's just awesome on W10.
  • Nonsense. The 950 is glitchy and looks cheap. The UI is incoherent, and the apps are shoddy.
    The only saving grace is the camera. But a smartphone cannot claim to be smart on camera alone.
    Microsoft have done nothing to earn our collective loyalty. It's really rather surprising that we have all stuck around this long.
    Just buy a cheap iPhone, and discover what it means to be a valued customer in an ecosystem that is vibrant.
  • My 950 is very reliable. The os is not glitchy. It is not quite as polished as 8.1 was, but 8.1 wasn't born polished either. The app situation has always been the issue... you either need the extra apps or you don't. I don't, but I completely understand that some people do (though I think it is far less than those that think they do). I have used Lumia 820, 920, 1020, 520, 620, 630, 830, Icon, 640, and 1520 (due to either family member having them or owning them myself). The ones I have used most (as daily drivers) are the 920, 1020, 1520, and 950. Screen size is completely subjective... I found the 1520 to be much too big, which is why I went for the 950 instead of the 950 XL. I find this size to be just right. Build quality on the 950 is excellent. I agree that the plastic back has a little bit of give, but allows for removable battery and hidden SD/SIM cards. The tradeoff is entirely worth it imo, and has never caused the slightest bit of an issue. There is no doubt the 920 was built like a tank... like carrying a brick of a phone. The others have gradually reduced weight and thickness... I think this is what people mistake as lack of build quality. I dropped my 1020 and the top of it caved in a bit. If it was a 950 I fully expect I could just replace the back and have the phone look totally normal. I prefer this replaceable body style. The 950 screen is just stunning. Certainly, the choice between OLED and LCD is also personal preference. As a big Glance screen user, I have a pretty strong preference for OLED, though I do believe that LED lasts longer (my 1020 display looks a little yellow and not quite as bright as it used to). Most of the complaints about the 950 and XL really seem to be about apps, Microsoft's perceived lack of confidence in the platform, and their insistence on creating more fully featured apps for other platforms. For this I can offer no excuse on their part... again, this is a choice about whether the superior interface and consistency of interface with desktop Win10 makes using Windows Phone worth it to you. I wish MS treated Windows Phone with more respect, but when I have to use Android or iOS for something or to troubleshoot someone else's phone I just cringe. So I will stick with it as long as it continues to meet my needs.
  • Superior interface? People have hated that interface since the WP7 and Windows 8 days. Sales have quite certainly proved that. If people liked it, they would have bought it and the platform would have grown and the apps would have come! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know no one that left the WP platform because of the interface, 98 percent left because of the App condition. And if you perfer an outdated Windows 95 interface so be it.
  • Lol wut? Checked out the lumia 950 and 950xl last week the screens had burn-ins and the phone had two weeks or so on display, also it feels cheap, not unlike my current 930, premium phone with premium materials. Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • Display models sit on the same screen non-stop. Microsoft should have anticipated that with some sort of demo mode. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Samsung S6,S7,s6+ were also on display with maximum brightness, no one had burn ins and they have more than 5 months there. No one has demo mode. Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • Absolutely!
  • the hardware is not the problem for Microsoft, the 950 and XL are just fine. The problem is apps.
  • Smapdragon 808 and 810 are power hungry and run hot. The QHD display milks the battery in rapid time...
    Poor design choices throughout.
  • Ms is just like a piece of sht
  • the reason given by Microsoft is that retailers are complaining about piled up inventory which is increasing the costs. My only grudge is why did they price it high in the first place. A much better offer will be to give flat 50% discount on the price all over the world. That will definitely see it sell well in most markets. As of now, this offer will not help much. Hardly anyone buys it in the US, and how many of those will want to buy two windows phones together? Every time I see MS reduce prices as an afterthought, I really feel frustrated. Why does this company not acknowledge that they are outsiders (I cannot call them even challngers) in the mobile space. Best way to gain market share is to be very agressive with the price. First create a market, and then have all your other strategies as you deem fit. You have pretty big pockets use them to undercut (though it won't be undercutting in true sense). Only that will see an increase in sales.  This particular step is just to clear off some inventories at the retailers end.
  • "The reason given by Microsoft is that retailers are complaining about piled up inventory which is increasing the costs." Do you have a source for your claim? Cheers.
  • If it comes to Australia I'm in.
  • Not sure why it say in US/Canada cause its not even showing in the US store online at all :\
  • Typical of windows central, dont do any fact research first. They are just trying to get clicks.
  • Yeah like every blog.. This fkn place don't care about research.. They know here have tons of fanboys and with things like this one they can get clicks and make money... If u think more its an amazing idea.. To make idiot ppl pay ur bills
  • dude, bitter much?
  • Sweet, but a buzz killer u.s only
  • It is not available in US just canada!
  • US and Canada... i feel now that for Microsoft, main problem presists, the view on our planet is not US+CANADA and other coiuntries. That move is very wrong. That is why Samsung and Apple are sucesfull. microsoft will never be with this kind of behevior.  
  • This is a total demostration of how wrong decision Microsoft is making. Instead of just dropping price of single 950, they are complicating a single thing. This offer is like: Buy a Buggatti Veyron, you will get second one for free. Who needs two 950(XL) devices?? Beside the fact that they are going totally wrong direction. High-end phones are not market share gainers (Microsoft is not Apple).
  • Why are they doing this. They could just reduce the price!
  • For one, there are no resellers in Canada. The only place to get a Windows Phone in Canada is at the MS store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Serious?
  • Rather than giving one for free, why not slash the price of the device by 50% or more. I am sure, many will then be interested
  • What kind of offer is this?
  • When in Russia?
  • Guys I know this news is already out...but I got a confirmation for a employee...stating lumia brand is dead 650 was last lumia...
    Now there will be surface brand of phones with different price range.
    And soon they will get surface phones for testing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I acted having that in mind. Instead of getting a too expensive 950, I got a cheap 640 which I'll get rid of the minute Surface phone hits the shelves. I'll buy almost anything if it's shiny and made by Microsoft!
  • From the comments it seems it's only for Canada only... They must have tonne of stock to give away a free 950. Shame it's not in other markets, hopefully it will be spread to other markets presuming they want to get rid of stock. If they want to get rid of stock overnight then multiple markets is the way to go BUT... the overall loss could be insane lol.
  • Being that the MS store is the only place in Canada to get one, I can see why. There are only two or three physical stores in the country, and many people here are addicted to the subsidy of an on-contract phone.  
  • Why not in the UK, me and the wife could have benefited from this, upgrading our 920 amd 930
  • what a stupid deal. if then did 50% sale , a 950 was sold.
  • Damn can't buy yet in the USA I'm hoping the sale will happen here as well. I would really like to get my hands on both of these one for me and for the wife.
  • Hell awesome deal.
  • This is racism!.
    Why only canada!!!
  • They've been doing US-only sales before, where were you then?
  • Racism?
    Ridiculous comment
  • Chill man....i was kidding.
  • *kidding guys
  • Ancient papyrus shows Canadan race to be superior in mobile, eh?
  • Er, Canada isn't a race.
  • Had they launch Lumia 950 and 950XL for 400 and 450 US $ respectively, in the beginning, scenario could have been a lot better today Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • $300 and I'd buy it.
  • I just purchased a 950, I should ask for a match.
  • Neowin now shows Canada AND USA.   Anyone find a link on the US site?
  • This sucks.... What about for peope who have alredy bought the 950XL
  • You enjoy your 950XL that what you get
  • I'm a bit pissed :( first the Lumia 920 trade up and now this. For us early adopters, we get shafted left and right by Microsoft.
  • Where is the nearest Windows Store from Montréal? Gotta get this deal done !
  • There are two stores in Toronto. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Toronto!
  • Does any Canadian want to split up on the Deal. I'm fine with Choosing the XL for CAD 400 + Shipping to US
  • microsoft has a knack in making its loyal customers feel like s#%t, especially the early adopters. thanks microsoft. 
  • Well that's the tradeoff for being an early adopter. You honestly can't expect MS to not make deals after a while.
  • I wonder if I buy another 950XL and the return it do I still get to keep the 950 lol?
  • Can you spare the 5110 LCD? It'll be a good display for Arduino...
  • Oh look at that, proof they were priced completely wrong from the beginning.
  • Just wow.. I wish they had this deal when I bought my 950.. Sent using my awesome Microsoft Lumia 950! (AT&T)
  • I don't get it. Lots of US posters saying why not here? Haven't you been having a pretty permanent fire sales of 640's? $30 wasn't it?? That seemed to be America only! In UK they are still £120.00, and I bet it wasn't in Canada. So, you win some, you lose some. From what I can gather on the boards here, the 950/950xl was quite difficult / too expensive to get hold of, consequently MS have created this deal. I suspect by doing this they are hoping for apps etc to be purchased, docks and the any other assorted gizmos'. There is no point jumping up and down about, it's out there and if the take up is good, it might well increase the visibility of the brand. It also states, subject to availability, so those who miss out, are they entitled to bemoan and cuss because they never got the deal???
  • Aliens will first take over earth before MS decides to do these (or any) deals in the Netherlands.
  • Jeez that is a brilliant deal not sure why and only in Canada? But if your in Canada and want a great device, congratulations
  • When does this kick off for USA? The link in the article leads to Canadian store, and the USA store doesnt seem to show the deal yet.
  • What a deal, i just wish i had $900 to drop on this.
  • I'm waiting for the next editorial about how W10M is not dead and its all part of the secret Microsoft masterplan. Posted from WC for W10 running on my 930.
  • Lol, I expect that too. Always laughing at those articles on this site. :D
  • meanwhile in germany we are still paying 112€ for a 640 
  • If anyone want to go in with me, I could split the cost, since I am in Canada (I want the 950XL and would sell the 950).  For 365$ US, contact me for further details. If you are in the US, I could ship for free in NY City. If not, we need to discuss it.
  • That's desperate, but I would definitely buy it if I were in Canada
  • Well Why should it always be the US give other countries a chance to get a good deal
  • Guys, show some patience. After Canada, other countries will follow on this deal!
  • No one know 950/xl in Canada outside of a few that lure the tech site, and no one with their right mind will buy it even buy 1 get 1 free(still $1000 after tax)  There are almost zero local app, no ad, no carrier support, most don't even know M10W.  Let me trade in my 830 for a 950 @ $300 I may consider.
  • LOL desperation has reached a whole new level. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So Microsoft is this much desperate??? Its really really sad, it just shows hardly anyone buys them... wish they should have taken more care for the pulse of the market....
  • Samsung had the same kinda of deals for the s7edge it was on tv all the time
  • The GS7 deal is for locked devices on an expensive contract. They more than make up for it in the monthly fees. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The real takeaway here is Canada finally has cellular service.
  • Folks I think Microsoft made a big mistake selling their Flagship MS Lumia 950 only on AT & T. No USA carrier sells the 950 XL which is a more Powerful smart phone than the MS Lumia 950. Mirosoft cannot seriously think they wil make Money selling the 950 only on one USA cell phone network in the USA. Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and Apple smart phones are sold on more than one USA cell phone carrier.  They are making money.Verizon USA customer have absolutly NO Windows 10 mobile flag ship smart phone to buy and they are the most popular. Cell phone network in the USA. some say Verizon is very Predjudiced against selling Windows smart phones but Verizon should at least Hav One flagship Windows 10 mobile smart tp offer it's Verizon Windows smart phone fans to upgrade to. Their verizin Lumia 735 is not a Flagship Windows 10 mobile smart phone. looks like Verizon Windows smart phone fans are hurting. Verizon sales people keep trying to sell them smart phones they do not want Android and Apple iphones. Looks like they have to leave Verizon
  • agreed should have been released on a contract in canada on the big 3. i would have had one today. i dont have 900 but say 20 over 2 years i do have on a subsidised contract price.
  • It isn't up to Microsoft. If they could get the phones on all the carrier's, they certainly would. The carrier's don't want them though. They are a waste of shelf space and time, they have proven to not sell and a large number of the ones that do sell are returned. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Time to migrate
  • hmm Maybe Microsoft is going to debut some new MS Lumia smart phones this summer and is getting rid of some of their excess USA Lumia 950 smart phines that have not sold well in the USA ?  I hope that Microsoft replaces the USA 950 with a 350 to 400 USA Dollars mid teir Continuum  class Windows 10 Mobile smart phone since The creation of the Smart phone / Pocket PC hybrid device is where Microsoft is heading as far as smart phone technology is going
  • For once, there is an advantage for being in Canada :)  Ordered a set with a friend
  • I went back on the site to see the status of my order: Backorder ???? I tought this sale was to get rid of excess inventory.
  • I guess it was an inventory error, it just shipped :)
  • Ordered mine yesterday @ 17:00 CST. My invoice is still showing BackOrdered.
  • Update:  Mine shipped as well.
  • That's a real good deal. If this deal was available here in the US I'd do it. My dad wants a bigger phone as he's on an Apple 5s. Cheers.
  • Does that mean we should get ready to move to other OS soon? Using Windows Central Universal App on Lumia 730
  • no it means they have extra stock in canada and they are not moving as fast as they had hoped. entusiasts have mostly purchased them so there aiming for the general public sitting on the fence. were in an economic slow down in Canada specificaly Alberta..  many people are laid off and a phone isn't in the budget. this would for people who wanted one may take advantage of this deal now to clear overstocked invintory. since they dont advertise this phone a tone and push it to all the carriers in canada ... people typeicaly go with a 2 year contract to get a phone from one of the big 3 or other small ones.  an unlcoked phone is a new concept that people are still thinking about. now because they dont have the extra over head ms probly has more wigle room on the price of profibility or what they can do to write off the loss and clear someo of the taxes they pay. call it a lost leader it may get some people into the store who may buy a surface pro 4. or xboxone lol :D:D
  • The deal has been extended to the US too...
    Looks like MS are packed to the rafters with these phones!
  • Cheaper to wait until next month and get all the 950 phones you want for free out of the landfill.
  • finnaly something that is for CANADA :D:D:D
  • Just got off the phone with Microsoft Store Retail Customer Service.  It's available in the US.  They are having issues with the offer showing up on the US site.  If you go into a store they will honor the sale, I just hope I can get there before they sell out this afternoon.
  • "...before they sell out..."  Lol. Good one!
  • Anybody wanna go half with me?  I only want the 950, not the XL.
  • US site   Works with white. Black shows price on both!
  • own, this would keep me in the WP world a little longer... :-/
  • It doesn't matter where this deal is available....the truth is it's pretty sad. Microsoft realizes it has got to give away flagship products in order to attract customers. Situation is very bad if this is the case.
  • The exchange rate makes the 950/XL $749/$849 in Canada. The average price for this sale is $799 each. I have no need for 2 phones nor do I want to spend $849 + tax but I would order the XL at a straight sale price of even $425 to replace my 40 month old 920 (which runs great on Insider Fast 10 mobile). IMHO this sale is to deplete 950 stock.
  • So do any of my non existent Canadian friends want to give me one? Oh wait even if they didn't exist I'd still wouldn't get it....
  • Is unfair, what about for those who paid the full amount before?
  • What about every product ever that gets a price cut months after release?  
  • While it's an interesting deal they still gauge you at $950 CAN after taxes for a 950 XL which can be bought all day online at eBay or Kijiji for $600 CAN. Great that they toss in a free 950 but at that price it's actually the same as if you buy both phones individually.
  • CAD $901.94 with Tax and priority shipping.
  • My wife or I cannot go under 6" now that we both use 640 XL. If it was free 950 XL with another one, I would have bought right now. Good deal for couples that need one bigger and smaller screen. In our case, we both want bigger screen.
  • Yup, when these were announced, my wife wanted the 950, and I wanted the XL. We'll have them in 1-3 business days.
  • I think MS would have sold many more phones if they had included the dock with the phone and let you use the office apps on the desktop, even if it was only a 12 month subscription. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not a good news. Today I went to enquire about Lumia 950xl in Allahabad, India at an authorized Microsoft dealer. He informed me that Microsoft is winding up it's mobiles phone business from non-metro cities in India.
  • What? That's bad news alright :(
  • Eu countries? What exactly are you trying to say? Sounds racist too me... And just to say it: Search for "buy one and get one s7 for free". You may be suprised how desperate those samsung guys are too... (yes that was irony... Good if you found it...)
  • They're basically giving the phones away now because nobody wants them. Who would want an expensive phone with a risk of having a dead OS in a year or so? Honestly, I'm just waiting for MS to announce that they discontinue mobile. Sad times for WP fans. :(
  • Worries me to. Luv my 925 but I wouldn't be buying into this, no way in hell, sounds like a final clearance sale.
    Learnt my lesson with Zune and HD DVD. I still got HD DVD players in every room of the house and 1 new still in the box!
  • I mostly thinks a surface phone is into production and when the word come out, It'll harder to sale the 950 /XL. I was holding out for a surface phone but with a deal like that I capitalized on it. Besides if the surface phone come out I don't have to go crazy about getting one, I can wait a couple of months; my 925 feels really old right now.
  • If they decide to sell the Surface phone, it will not be ready for another year according to reports. At that point, Windows phones will have no market share and getting apps made for them will be impossible. Microsoft will not bother with the Surface phone unless they have something truly revolutionary, and even then, they will likely have issues selling it. Continuum, even with x86, will not be it. General consumers are not looking for that. Don't hold your breath for a Surface phone. It will end up like Mclaren or Surface Mini. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Usa too! Go to find it for USA. I already have Lumia 950 XL but thinking of getting another one with my brother...
  • To all those, who are complaining. Now you know how Canadians feel, as we get screwed all the time. Either by our carriers, or companies like Amazon, who never offer the deals other countries get. Therefore ladies and gentlemen, deal with it!
    Also for those who don't where or what Canada is... Back to school for
  • I recently saw an ad from a phone carrier offering a "buy one Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, get one free" deal.  I've also seen the same offer for iPhones.  Going by the comments in this thread, Samsung and Apple must be desperate! As a Canadian, I do like that Canada got the deal first, and I'd snarkily think that it's a form of compensation for our exhorbitant mobile rates.
  • Those are for phones that are locked to the carrier and come with expensive contracts. Only the initial payment is free. You cannot find unlocked iPhone or Galaxy with this deal. It is much different. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sadly its not worth the price $900.00+ for admission not gonna swallow that charge
  • I was holding out for the surface phone but with a deal, I'll be STUPID to pass it on. I'm pretty sure that I'm still going to get a surface phone when it comes out. For the moment being betting that deal makes me feel good.
  • I just bought with a student discount... If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the devices private message me. Its shipping on the 27th to me in Indiana
  • I just bought with a student discount... If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the devices private message me. Its shipping on the 27th to me in Indiana
  • At first it looked like such a great deal, but then... I could buy both for $650 then sell one for say $300. Oh wait I couldn't even sell my 640XL for $100 or my Band for $60. I like and use WP (640 and the XL since I couldn't sell it and use my Band 2) but market share is so low it would be a miricle if I was able to sell one. It also dawned on me: wait a minute, why a fire sale? Hmmm? Maybe something new around the corner? Lets see what the summer brings.
  • Naw, they will kill Windows phones. If this is how bad sales are, why would they bother with something new? The only way something new will work, is if it is completely different and not called Windows. The current iteration has failed and will certainly be killed soon or later. There is nothing they can do to make W10m successful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's like Dennis Miller says in regard to a buy one get one sale on suits from Sears, "Two of S**t is S**t!" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I feel, it is a beginning of the end of lumias.....gr8 fones....gonna miss them......aahhhh!!!
  • and with the $200 trade-in for the 1020, 920 or 925, it's a pretty decent deal.
  • Make the offer worldwide. Meanwhile,I'm waiting for the surface phone( if it arrives).
  • Microsoft sure is looking desperate!
  • Oh dear - we are really in desperate mode here aren't we! Resorting to BOGOF offers says it all really doesn't it!
  • Lumia666 asks why this offer isn't available in Sweden. Perhaps it's because people there wouldn't be suckers enough to fall for such a pathetic and desperate attempt to flog this stuff
  • This really does show the despearte state of things doesn't it! "Please buy one and we'll throw in another". Pathetic. These devices are not exactly flying off the shelves are they !!!!!
  • "Wen" in Europe?
  • This deal is now live in USA (just ordered one)
  • Im interested in the 950XL. Is anybody interested in splitting the cost? Shoot me an email emarckley4 at THX
  • Are they dual-sim phones?
  • Hi guys,
    I've already made the order since day one of this deal. I checked my order yesterday and the status was "Back Ordered". What dors it mean? Is someone else in the same situation?
  • Available in US online and store. Got it yesterday at the store.