List of Rainbow Six Siege The Grand Larceny Skins

Rainbow Six Siege Grand Larceny
Rainbow Six Siege Grand Larceny (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has launched "The Grand Larceny," its new gang-themed event within Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The latest midseason mode brings criminal gunslingers to the hit tactical shooter, with attackers and defenders battling over safes around a custom rework of Hereford Base. That also comes with heightened destruction, arming players with shotguns in a map packed with destructible floors, ceilings, and walls.

Rainbow Six Siege's latest chaotic mode also features a range of limited-time cosmetics, tied to the early 20th-century theme. Bundled within dedicated "Larceny Collection" packs, players receive an opportunity to inlock over 31 items across 10 Operators.

We've wrapped up the full list of headgear, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms contained within the set.

The Grand Larceny Amaru Skins

  • Flapper Chic Headgear (Amaru)
  • Bold Rebel Uniform (Amaru)
  • Golden Triumph for ITA12S

The Grand Larceny Echo Skins

  • Classy Delinquent Headgear (Echo)
  • Misdemeanour Scandal Uniform (Echo)
  • Elegance Design for MP5SD

The Grand Larceny Fuze Skins

  • Madcap Headgear (Fuze)
  • Danger Stunt Uniform (Fuze)
  • Silver Spiral for AK-12

The Grand Larceny Gridlock Skins

  • Neat Misdeed Headgear (Gridlock)
  • Enterprise Independent Uniform (Gridlock)
  • Lavish Print for F90

The Grand Larceny Hibana Skins

  • Career Woman Headgear (Hibana)
  • Vehement Vice Uniform (Hibana)
  • Fortified Flair for Supernova

The Grand Larceny Kaid Skins

  • Grizzly Veteran Headgear (Kaid)
  • Plain Style Uniform (Kaid)
  • Dexterity Deluxe for TCSG12

The Grand Larceny Maestro Skins

  • Business Fedora Headgear (Maestro)
  • Front Leader Uniform (Maestro)
  • Steel Barbs for ACS12

The Grand Larceny Maverick Skins

  • Honest Worker Headgear (Maverick)
  • Blue-Collar Uniform (Maverick)
  • Mineral Welkin for AR-15.50

The Grand Larceny Wamai Skins

  • Newsboy Headgear (Wamai)
  • Striped Syndicate Uniform (Wamai)
  • Branching Section for AUG A2

The Grand Larceny Warden Skins

  • Clean Operative Headgear (Warden)
  • Dapper Garb Uniform (Warden)
  • Florid Engravement for M590A1
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