Rainbow Six Siege leak details more loot boxes and gadgets in the works

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is on track to soon receive a new wave of content, under the upcoming "Operation Para Bellum" expansion. Pitched as one of its biggest updates yet, the game is set to receive new playable Operators, two multiplayer maps, and major reworks of existing systems. And while its public debut is expected next month, select PC users can already play through the pre-release Technical Test Server (TTS) client.

While Ubisoft's focus lies with Operation Para Bellum, details are surfacing on what lies ahead. A Reddit user has reportedly uncovered references to unannounced content through TTS files, citing new Operator gadgets, alongside future loot box systems in the works.

Firstly, Ubisoft appears to be reinvesting in Rainbow Six Siege's cosmetic loot boxes, with strings relating to unannounced "Summer18" and "Twitch18" packs.

Summer packs appear to be a new paid loot box variant, evolving Operation Chimera's Outbreak Packs with a reworked distribution model. Files indicate that Summer packs are acquired in three separate sets or as a complete collection. This would be a welcomed development upon the Outbreak Pack system, by ditching its controversial pool of randomized items. If Summer packs see a public release, these would likely be delivered through a timely short-term event.

Twitch packs likely reference Amazon's live streaming service, by delivering in-game benefits to site users. This could be an evolution of the existing Twitch Drops system or the first sign of Twitch Prime loot tied to the premium subscription plan.

A "blow torch" has also been named among gadget files, establishing a foundation for a potential upcoming Operator. As teased by brand director, Alexandre Remy, in an interview with PC Gamer, the team is currently exploring a new breaching role. This would likely be a new hard breacher that breaks reinforced surfaces, expanding on the skillset of Thermite and Hibana.

Some form of "hole blocker" has been uncovered too, with mention of the device reportedly across the TTS and public game client. Files indicate this will be a projectile-based system, with single, double, and trap states. Such a gadget would likely counter breachers, by plugging up holes from charges.

References have once again been made to an audio alarm, after previous appearances through data mining. This is expected to be a proximity-based system, which can be deployed to notify enemy presence with an audible alert. While a natural fit for defenders, this may also be used by attackers to block rotation holes.

These latest leaks are sourced from referenced strings, obtained by data mining files obstructed from the public. This same method uncovered Para Bellum's Alibi and Maestro weeks before official announcements. Nevertheless, potential features can be canned during development, so take these details lightly.

While these additions are yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft, don't be surprised if some make an official return in future seasons. In the meantime, players can look forward to an imminent expansion on its way to Rainbow Six Siege, known as Operation Para Bellum. Contents include two Operators, the new multiplayer map "Villa", and much more. For a look at what to expect from Operation Para Bellum, check out our in-depth breakdown of the expansion.

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