Rainbow Six Siege leak frames 'Phantom' and 'Rogue' as next Operators

With Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege recently securing its latest update, "Operation Burnt Horizon," focus is shifting to what's next for the hit tactical shooter. Ubisoft remains quiet on its Year 4 Season 2 plans, with only brief teasers for the coming expansion, likely on track for a May 2019 reveal.

Updated May 13, 2019: Following a wave of more reputable leaks, we now have further details on what to expect from Year 4 Season 2. Don't miss our roundup of everything we know for the latest news, leaks, and rumors.

Ubisoft has already confirmed new playable Operators from Denmark and the U.S. Secret Service, paired with a full rework of existing multiplayer map, Kafe. The illusive Danish figure has also seen formal teasers, shaping up as a new mysterious stealth attacker with adaptive abilities. Topped with reputable leaks, we have firm foundations for what the coming season will offer.

Ubisoft's first formal teaser for Year 4 Season 2's stealthy Danish attacker.

Ubisoft's first formal teaser for Year 4 Season 2's stealthy Danish attacker.

An alleged Year 4 Season 2 leak has now surfaced, with a now-deleted Reddit user submitting a supposed overview of the coming season's Operators. Although failing to back the post with hard evidence, its details align with existing public leaks, as first reported by coreross. If true, Rainbow Six Siege could soon secure a new Danish attacker dubbed "Phantom," alongside combat-ready defender "Rogue."

According to the leak, Phantom's ability grants brief invisibility to defender cameras and can be activated up to three times per round. She'd debut the IMI Galil rifle alongside a new SCAR variant, newly-equipped with a permanent scope. It also affirms likely ties to Frogman Corps, seemingly packing and amalgamation of Caveira's and Vigil's existing abilities.

Phantom can cloak up to 3 times to cameras and hacked Mozzie drones including Maestro's evil eyes, Valkyrie cams and bulletproof cameras, if Mozzie takes over a drone she can be hidden from it.

Defenders may soon receive Rogue, with the capability to "see right through" smoke grenades, flashbangs, and Ying's candelas. A new suppressed P90 variant, the HK MP-54 submachine gun, and KSG-12 shotgun may all debut under his diverse weapon roster.

When activated the screen changes color (like silent step) and when attackers toss in smokes and flashbangs he can see right through it including Ying's candelas, this is why Ying is getting changed.

As with any pre-release leak for Rainbow Six Siege, take such details extremely lightly until further news emerges or Ubisoft offers an official confirmation. However, new Rainbow Six leaks continue to surface, with today's news aligning with prior details from reputable leaksters. And while Phantom and Rogue's existence isn't backed by hard evidence, there's considerable detail and context that makes for a promising duo.

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