Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege recently received a major Australian-themed update, Operation Burnt Horizon. Kicking off Ubisoft's lineup of "Year 4" content, the new expansion debuts new Operators Gridlock and Mozzie, alongside the new Outback multiplayer map. And while this recent arrival remains the focus of Rainbow Six Siege, new leaks on what lies ahead are already surfacing.

First detailed via Ubisoft's Year 4 content roadmap, 2019's second season will bring new playable Danish and U.S. Operators, alongside a rework of existing map Kafe Dostoyevsky. Paired with a tease of future recruits in promotional assets, work is openly underway on what lies ahead. Further alleged details on the game's next Operators has now hit ResetEra (via coreross) from reputable leakster "Kormora," previously exposing Burnt Horizon's offerings ahead of reveal.

According to sources familiar with Rainbow Six development, the new Danish attacker will be invisible to cameras, paired with a stealth ability inspired by Caveira's "Silent Step." The Operator premise aligns with previous teasers, detailing an "expert in covert reconnaissance and stealth tactics" and "ability to blend and adapt into an environment." Such an ability appears to blend the skills of Caveira and Vigil.

From stealthy operations to anti-grenade tools, what secrets does Year 4 Season 2 hold?

Defenders will reportedly receive a new Secret Service Operator, equipped with "special eyesight" bypassing flash and smoke grenades. It's unclear how such an ability would be implemented, though a recent adjustment to Glaz's thermal scope paves the way for an agile anti-smoke role.

As with all unconfirmed leaks, take this information lightly until official confirmation from Ubisoft. While both Operator concepts show promise, plans can (and often) change before release.

In the meantime, Rainbow Six Siege is now available on Amazon, starting at $23 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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